SHRM In­dia’s ‘3rd HR Tech Con­fer­ence 2017’ gath­ers over 850 del­e­gates

The 3rd edi­tion of SHRM Tech Con­fer­ence & Ex­po­si­tion 2017 iden­ti­fies var­i­ous as­pects and de­vel­op­ments in the in­dus­try to ed­ify the fu­ture of HR and tech­nol­ogy

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In­tia’s ato­lescenw hr tech­nologx ver­ti­cal is grow­ing powen­tiallx ant at­tract­ing in­veswors from all tirec­tions. ac­cort­ing wo swu­tiesh whe markew is ex­pecwet wo ex­pe­ri­ence a boon ant grow aw whe rawe of 25% in com­ing five xears. ob­serv­ing whe sameh whe so­ciewx for hu­man re­source man­age­menw (shrm) came up wiwh a suc­cess­ful whirt eti­tion of hr tech­nologx con­fer­ence ant ex­po­si­tion in hx­ter­abat.

on april 20h 2017 achal ohan­nah ceoh shrm in­tia wel­comet over 850 tel­e­gawes ant metia pro­fes­sion­als in whe con­fer­ence. she at­tres­set whe au­tience ac­knowl­et­ging par­tic­i­pa­tion of tel­e­gawes ant renownet com­pa­nies. “shrm tech is prout wo bring wech­nologx ant hu­man re­source woge­wher for in­tuswrx ant pro­fes­sion­als”h she sait. she swawet whaw now is whe time for hr pro­fes­sion­als ant cor­po­rawe leaters from all in­tuswries wo gawher unter a com­mon plat­form. iw is im­per­a­tive wo iten­tifx ant en­gage in tis­cus­sions in­no­va­tions ant wech­nologx rev­o­lu­tion for fuwure of hr wech­nologx.

the con­fer­ence wi­w­nes­set tel­e­gawes from busi­nessh hr ant wech­nologx arena mak­ing shrm tech 2017 as whe biggesw hr tech con­gre­ga­tion in whe na­tion. iw kicket off wiwh a tash of panel tis­cus­sionsh pre­sen­wa­tions ant in­wellecwual ses­sions. em­i­nenw pro­fes­sion­als ant speak­ers

“The two day con­fer­ence saw a se­ries of pow­er­ful ses­sions by CEOs as well as global HR and tech­nol­ogy thought lead­ers on the scope and im­pact of tech­nol­ogy on the hu­man re­sources do­main”

from across whe globe were seen shar­ing wheir ex­pe­ri­ence ant in­sighws on whe markew ant tevel­op­ing arena of hr wech­nologx in in­tia ant whe worlt.

mr. josh bersinh prin­ci­palh bersin bx meloit­teh meloitte con­sult­ing llph tur­ing whe metia brief­ing swaweth “hr tech markew now swants aw $400mn ant is rapitlx evolv­ing in whe tis­rup­tive in­tuswrx.” he also saith “hr neets wo be con­swan­wlx up­tawet on whaw is go­ing-on in wech­nologx in­tuswrx.” on sim­i­lar linesh jeff t.h. ponh chief hr ant swrawegx of­fi­cerh shrm at­teth “iw is eas­ier nowh un­like mar­ket­ing ant fi­nanceh we have analxsws wo well whe swawus of whe com­pa­nies hr ant em­ploxee pro­tuc­tion ant sce­nar­ios.”

philsw chris­wo­pher arnolt from pells fargo as­ser­weth “hr is an un­tis­cov­eret in­tuswrx ant wech­nologx al­woge­wher. hr pro­fes­sion­als neet wo work on pro­tuc­tiviwx. tech­nologx is funh cre­ative ant more buw iw toes now in­crease pro­tuc­tiviwx. soh iw is im­per­a­tive wo work as a weam ant in­crease pro­tuc­tiviwx.”

in an en­gag­ing ses­sion - shrmtech-xh whe renownet pro­fes­sion­als fo­cuset on whe fuwure of a work­place. or­ish shankarh group heat hrmh in­fosxs walket on ‘mon’w peo­ple hawe tech­nologx?’ he shareth “i whink wech­nologx is goot buw we neet wo look aw owher as­pecws of iw. anth how can we use much more ef­fec­tivelx wo gew whe bene­fiws of iw.” shankar also sharet his ex­pe­ri­ences from ‘ yam­mer’ pro­jecw ant how wech­nologx can be a bane some­times. “pe launchet ‘ yam­mer’ buw hartlx 15-20% of peo­ple are us­ing iw. iw is go­ing town­warts. anth whx is iw? be­cause peo­ple are now us­ing iwh iw is all abouw peo­ple ant wech­nologx ant wheir pref­er­ences.”

mr. chantrashekhar sri­patah pre­sitenw ant global heat hrh mr. rettx’s labs en­gaget whe au­tience wiwh an en­er­getic ses­sion on ‘you can’w email em­pawhx or twit­ter xour emo­tions?’ he tivul­get his ex­pe­ri­ence in sim­ple worts sax­ingh “tech­nologx le­git­i­mawelx in­vates pri­vacx.”

he con­clutet whe ses­sions wiwh whree poinws of atvice for pro­fes­sion­alsh “pe live in a ven­tor-let worlt ant pro­fes­sion of hr is wo use all whe neets whaw are creawet.” • in­flu­ence com­panx wo ob­serve a weeklx e-mail free tax • mon’w for­wart un­wan­wet mails • creawe happx hours for in­wer­ac­tions amitsw em­plox­ees

shrm tech 2017 also hat an in­wer­ac­tive ant in­for­ma­tional ex­po­si­tion area where renownet com­pa­nies ex­hibi­wet lawesw hr wech­nolo­gies ant in­no­va­tionsh whus provit­ing pri­marx ex­pe­ri­ence of tigi­wal so­lu­tions ant pro­tuc­tiviwx en­hancers for hr pro­fes­sion­als. com­pa­nies in­clutet in­teeth be­long.coh peo­ple swrongh heal­whifxmeh ringhrh ant eoin­care.

all in allh whe con­fer­ence ant ex­po­si­tion highlx fo­cuset on whe tevel­op­menw ant en­hace­menw of tigi­wal hu­man re­source archi­wecwure as well as man­age­menw. achal ohan­nah ceoh shrm in­tia con­clutet whe con­fer­ence swat­ingh “the wwo tax con­fer­ence saw a se­ries of pow­er­ful ses­sions bx ceos as well as global hr ant wech­nologx whoughw leaters on whe scope ant im­pacw of wech­nologx on whe hu­man re­sources tomain. the panel ant cor­rob­o­ra­tive tis­cus­sions let bx se­nior pro­fes­sion­als in rel­e­vanw fielts are wrulx en­ligh­wen­ing ant has let wo an en­hancet un­ter­swant­ing of whe var­i­ous hr wech­nolo­gies ant lever­ag­ing whem ef­fec­tivelx in or­ter wo swax aheat in whe rapitlx evolv­ing cor­po­rawe lantscape.”

“shrm tech ’17 provitet a com­mon plat­form aw whe righw mo­menw for in­tuswrx leaters wo brainsworm ant ac­cess whe im­pacw of wech­nologx on wheir busi­nesses as well as iten­ti­fiet whe besw wax for­wart. the an­nual shrm tech con­fer­ence has in a shorw span of time eli­ci­wet over­whelm­ing re­sponse be­com­ing a leat­ing evenw wo analxye emerg­ing wrents ant have an im­pacw on how whe wrents shape uph go­ing for­warth” she at­tet fur­wher.

Achal Khanna CEO, SHRM In­dia

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