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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery makes re­cov­er­ing lost data easy with its sim­ple user in­ter­face, short data recovery pro­ce­dure, and a high de­gree of flex­i­bil­ity. The tool en­ables users to re­cover data from sit­u­a­tions such as ac­ci­den­tal file dele­tion, sys­tem crashes, disk cor­rup­tion, me­dia for­mat­ting, and more.

We got a chance to re­view the pro­fes­sional ver­sion. We first tested drive recovery fea­ture that helps to re­cover all the deleted files from stor­age de­vices and sys­tem vol­umes. You can also re­gain the deleted, cor­rupted, lost files by us­ing the Deep Scan op­tion. You can se­lect “Deep Scan” and run a more thor­ough scan of the se­lected lo­ca­tion. This scan takes longer and should be run in case the pri­mary scan is un­able to de­liver de­sired re­sults. Deep Scan will look for all files and re­cover even raw data.

Lost Par­ti­tion Recovery: If your en­tire par­ti­tion is miss­ing, the soft­ware al­lows you to look for it through its “Cant’ Find Drive” op­tion avail­able un­der “Other Lo­ca­tions” in the lo­ca­tion se­lec­tion screen. It scans the hard drive for miss­ing par­ti­tions which have been lost due to cor­rup­tion or have been ac­ci­den­tally deleted. Once the par­ti­tion has been found, all data can be re­cov­ered from it eas­ily. Af­ter se­lect­ing the “Can’t Find Drive” op­tion, sim­ply se­lect the hard drive in which the par­ti­tion was cre­ated and click “Search”. All par­ti­tions found will be listed un­der the par­ti­tions sec­tion. If the de­sired par­ti­tion is not listed, click on “Deep Scan” to lo­cate it. Se­lect the de­sired par­ti­tion to be­gin scan­ning for data recovery.

Re­cover From Disk Images: If your drive has many bad sec­tors you have an op­tion to cre­ate an im­age of that drive and re­cover data. Click on “Re­cover From Disk Images” to cre­ate a new im­age or re­cover data from ex­ist­ing im­age. Se­lect the drive or par­ti­tion to cre­ate an im­age. Here you have an op­tion to se­lect a spe­cific range of the hard drive for imag­ing un­der “Ad­vanced Set­tings” and cre­ate a new im­age for data recovery.

The in­ter­face of the soft­ware is very straight for­ward and easy to use. When you run the soft­ware, it will ask for what to re­cover and if you want to re­cover some par­tic­u­lar file type just se­lect that, it will save your time and made the scan­ning fast.

Users can re­cover data from dam­aged CD/DVD us­ing CD/ DVD recovery op­tion. It helps to get al­most every data, though it wasn’t able to re­cover ev­ery­thing from a dam­aged/ scratched DVD in our test. It can scans for all the deleted, dam­aged and cor­rupted images from ex­ter­nal USB drives and sys­tem vol­umes.

If you lose your emails then also Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 7 would help you to re­gain the deleted emails. It re­cov­ers all pop­u­lar email clients data files in­clud­ing MS Out­look (PST), MS Out­look Ex­press (DBX), MS Ex­change Server (EDB), MS Lo­tus Notes (NSF) and much more file types. You just need to se­lect ‘Emails’ un­der ‘Doc­u­ments, Fold­ers & Emails’ from the ‘Se­lect What to Re­cover’ sec­tion and scan your hard drive; soft­ware will list all the lost or deleted email for recovery.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – pro has a spe­cial fea­ture that al­lows you to re­cover data from any pre­vi­ously cre­ated disk images or cre­ate a disk im­age of any drive, par­ti­tion or vol­ume. You can cre­ate an im­age of hard disks, ex­ist­ing log­i­cal vol­umes in hard disks and any re­mov­able me­dia like pen drives, ex­ter­nal hard disks. Fur­ther, you can spec­ify the ‘Start­ing’ & ‘End­ing’ sec­tors to cre­ate an im­age of the se­lected re­gion.

Also, the Stellar data recovery pro­fes­sional ver­sion comes with a free­ware with same fea­tures but that can only re­cover 1GB of data, So if you plan­ning to buy a data recovery soft­ware then you can give it a try by us­ing its free ver­sion.

Bot­tom­line: It has sev­eral fea­tures that in­cor­po­rate ca­pac­ity to find just un­der 200 dif­fer­ent doc­u­ment types and even scan the data from cam cards. The soft­ware works quite well in re­cov­er­ing lost data and is easy to op­er­ate.

KEY SPECS: Sup­ports Windows 10 , 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP, 1GB RAM, 50GB Free space PROS: Easy in­ter­face, Sup­ports Mi­cro­soft Windows XP to 8, works on a va­ri­ety of me­dia, easy to use, Free ver­sion avail­able CONS: None

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