GSTN Achieve­ments: Com­plex Made Easy


A suave tech­no­crat Ku­mar with pre­vi­ous stints as IT Sec­re­tary as well as work­ing with pri­vate MNCs like Mi­crosoft and Cisco, Ku­mar is quick to high­light the achieve­ments of GSTN too. “The por­tal re­ceives around 40 to 45 crore busi­ness in­voices ev­ery month. And 15 -20 calls ev­ery day and then we get 3000 self ser­vice com­plaints per day which is taken care of by Tech Mahin­dra. Dur­ing the de­vel­op­ment phase STQC did a bril­liant job. The en­tire pro­cure­ment process is of the gov­ern­ment. We have been au­dited by CAG and we are under the RTI Act.” Prakash high­lights the other achieve­ments too - The dat­a­cen­tre we have to­day is de­signed keep­ing in view 1.3 crore tax pay­ers. But gov­ern­ment told us that there will 65 lakhs tax pay­ers but some­how we had this feel­ing that once GST will come which will bring the sim­plic­ity, uni­form sys­tem there will be the more no. of tax pay­ers then ex­pected. So our ini­tial de­sign was more than two times it­self. And without chang­ing any soft­ware we have to to dou­ble of that. That’s the kind of de­sign we have made which we called scal­able de­sign. We have our main data cen­tre in Delhi. And Data re­cov­ery cen­tre is in Ban­ga­lore. But we also have a con­cept of near DC and near DR; we have two in Delhi and two in Ban­ga­lore. Near DC doesn’t have any com­pute, it only has stor­age. So what­ever you store in main data cen­tre that also gets repli­cated in near DC. This is to en­sure the zero data loss.” To­day 28% of in­voices are get­ting up­loaded through GSPs but it’s also a fact that all GSPs are not ac­tive. Some of them are re­ally good and they are do­ing very good busi­ness and very good no. of re­turns is com­ing from them. So that there is enough com­pe­ti­tion. In fil­ing GST Pun­jab is on the top but the states of north east they are re­ally in a bad sit­u­a­tion till date. But the max­i­mum fil­ing hap­pens af­ter due date. Only 62% files fi by due date. “Our main func­tion func­tio is to de­sign the ar­chi­tec­ture and data and the part­ner. Now once the part­ner is in place we have to in­ter­pret the busi­ness busi rules which is as per law and the rules and con­vert it into SRS. Then what­ever is de­vel­oped based on SRS they also ap­prove it. That’s why we have 2 sets of peo­ple - one in tax de­part­ment and the other who are tak­ing tak care of the tech­nol­ogy part. W We also have an­other team who looks af­ter aft in­fra­struc­ture part, data cen­tre and the t net­work. Of course data cen­tre is run by In­fosys. But the over­all man­age­ment lies with us. So we are the face to the gov­ern­ment.” Ku­mar also in­forms that GSTN is pre­pared for the roll­out of the GST e-way bill the sec­ond time around “We have made a lot of changes. NIC (Na­tional In­for­mat­ics Cen­tre) has up­graded the in­fra­struc­ture. We have tested the sys­tem for the num­ber of e-way bills that can be gen­er­ated. We have pre­pared the sys­tem for 75 lakh e-way bills daily as against 26 lakh be­fore. We have also de­cided to first start with in­ter-state e-way bills from 1 April and then move to in­tra-state later. You can­not es­ti­mate in­tra-state vol­umes. So that is why we have sought a stag­gered roll­out for in­tra-state bring­ing in only 4-5 states in one go.”


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