The Tun­nel Road

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Smart­Pho­tog­ra­phy reader Sunny Sur ti from Su­rat, Gu­jarat, loves to travel and has sent us this pic­ture. It is pos­si­ble that the pic­ture was shot through a car’s wind-shield. The road pro­vides a ‘ leadin’ to the frame. While a good ef­fort, there are two ba­sic prob­lems. a) The pic­ture is over­ex­posed b) The cam­era was not held level to the ground; you can see the tilt to the man­made struc­ture. Let’s see how we can cor­rect the de­fects. 1. Open the im­age in Pho­to­shop. Se­lect the Ruler tool and draw a line as shown in the smaller im­age. Click on Straighten Layer at the top of the im­age (only in Pho­to­shop CS 6). Crop as nec­es­sary. [ In older ver­sions of Pho­to­shop (also in CS 6), you can go to Im­age > Im­age Ro­ta­tion > Ar­bi­trary. Ro­tate Can­vas di­a­log box will open. Just click OK. Crop as nec­es­sary]. 2. Next, us­ing Lev­els, ad­just (darken) the mid­dle tones. This ac­tion will fur­ther darken the ar­eas that are al­ready dark (some­thing that we don’t want). If you are com­fort­able work­ing with Masks, go ahead and paint with a soft-edged Brush on the dark ar­eas (with White as the fore­ground colour) till you are sat­is­fied with the tones. If you are not com­fort­able us­ing Masks, you can use the Shad­ows part of the Shad­ows/High­lights tool to lighten the ar­eas in ques­tion. 3. Next, se­lect the Dodge tool, and set to about 10% Ex­po­sure. Se­lect High­lights from the Op­tions Bar. Paint on the white clouds to make them slightly lighter. I even se­lected the other end of the left tun­nel and made it slightly lighter. 4. Se­lect the wall be­tween the two tun­nels and tone it down, us­ing Lev­els. 5. Sharpen the im­age and save it as a new file.

Pic­ture Info Cam­era: Nikon D90 ISO: 200 Shut­ter speed: 1/800 sec Aper­ture: f/7.1 Orig­i­nal Im­age Edited Im­age

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