Four games in one!


It’s a typ­i­cal match day at the Mel­bourne Cricket Ground. Two gi­ant ban­ners, be­fit­ting the grandeur of the venue that is the MCG, are held erect by the fans and vol­un­teers of the re­spec­tive teams. The cap­tain or the mile­stone man leads his team through the ban­ner. Yes, right through the ban­ner made of crepe pa­per or sticky tape, in­scribed with mo­ti­va­tional mes­sages from their loyal fans. Even as the dra­matic spec­ta­cle un­folds on the grassy oval, the cheer­ing squads, given their pride of place in the op­po­site ends of the oval to pre­vent any ma­jor scuf­fle, break into their team’s theme song and cheer wildly.

The pom­poms, the cloth ban­ners and the flags are all out; there’s a choir­like set­up of fans a few rows be­hind and they break into a song, a chant, a cheer, or a jeer, de­pend­ing on the way the match is shap­ing up. If you hap­pen to find your­self seated amidst the cheer­ing squad, you may just be trans­ported to the world of a mu­si­cal, ex­cept the ac­tion on the field screams of adrenalin, sweat and some blood.

Yes, it is all hap­pen­ing at the Mel­bourne Cricket Ground, the Aus­tralian equiv­a­lent of the Lord’s and home of the tra­di­tional box­ing day Test for the Aussies. Yes, it is the very same venue which boasts of the high­est recorded (of­fi­cial) at­ten­dance for a cricket match of 93,013 which came dur­ing the 2015 World Cup fi­nal with the added in­trigue of a trans­tas­man clash be­tween Aus­tralia and New Zealand.

Just that we are not talk­ing about cricket at the MCG.

We are in the midst of an Aus­tralian Rules Foot­ball match be­tween Rich­mond and Hawthorn.

What ex­actly






Quite pop­u­lar: Fans cheeer­ing at an Aus­tralian Rules foot­ball match be­tween Rich­mond and Hawthorn at the Mel­bourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The famed MCG is used for Aus­tralian Rules or Footy in the non­cricket sea­son. In fact, the crowd record at the MCG is for Footy and not cricket.

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