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In South East Asia, the in­fantry­man has had a head or weapon mounted im­age in­ten­si­fier (II) with sup­port weapons fit­ted with a ther­mal imager (TI) hav­ing longer range and bet­ter vi­sion. A com­bi­na­tion of the two NVDs is cur­rently un­der ex­am­i­na­tion—in­te­gra­tion of the de­vice within a sin­gle de­vice or use of clip on ther­mal de­vices to ex­ist­ing II de­vices which ap­pears more af­ford­able and ex­ploits the ex­ist­ing cap­i­tal in­vest­ment. Sales of NVDs to South East Asian coun­tries have been re­ported as fol­lows: Psyer sold their PNP-MS and PNPMUNS II sights and their PNP-MT and PNP MUNSTI TI sights to Sin­ga­pore, Malaysia, In­done­sia and Thai­land. Sagem sold their MATIS and OB50 TI sights to Malaysia. Op­tix sold their Diana sin­gle tube NVGs to Thai­land and Exvi­sion Ther­mal Cam­era to Sin­ga­pore. Amer­ica Tech­nol­ogy Net­work sold THOR TI sight to Thai­land and sold NVG-7 and NVM-14 NVGs to In­done­sia and sold monoc­u­lar, bioc­u­lar gog­gles and hand-held sights to Viet­nam. The Elec­tro-Op­ti­cal Sys­tems Tech­nol­ogy met Re­pub­lic of Korea night vi­sion II re­quire­ment us­ing Pho­to­nis tubes. Qiop­tiq sold 350 VIPR 2 sights for Aus­tralia’s Land 125 Phase 2 pro­gramme. Tri­als have been held in Malaysia and Sin­ga­pore. In­frared Se­cu­rity Sys­tems sold 35 ther­mal sight­ing sys­tems to Malaysia and ther­mal imag­ing viewer (TIV) to Malaysia and Thai­land. ITL sold Mini SEAS to Aus­tralia, Thai­land and Sin­ga­pore. Pulse In­teco sold 800 of its Ran­tel-2 night vi­sion monoc­u­lar de­vices to Thai­land. ITT sold PVS-14 and -7 night vi­sion gog­gles to Aus­tralia, Ja­pan, Sin­ga­pore and Thai­land. A num­ber of sys­tems in­cor­po­rat­ing im­age fu­sion are now avail­able. Clip on de­vices are gain­ing ground in the fu­sion arena. Qiop­tiq launched a new clip on ther­mal sight dur­ing 2012 for use with the Thales Op­tron­ics Lu­cie-D gog­gle. Sim­i­larly, Vec­tronix’s 300me­tre range ther­mal ac­qui­si­tion clip-on sys­tem (TACS-M) which is NVG host ag­nos­tic al­though the com­pany has nat­u­rally built in com­pli­ance with its Tar­sius I2 so­lu­tion.

Ex­elis AN/PVS-14 night vi­sion gog­gle

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