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The Army’s In­fantry Direc­torate has an­nounced in­ter­est in ac­quir­ing an un­spec­i­fied num­ber of 9mm pis­tols for reg­u­lar troops. The pro­posed weapon is to be used as a sec­ondary weapon both dur­ing con­ven­tional and sub-con­ven­tional op­er­a­tions. The pis­tol needs to have am­bidex­trous han­dling with a si­lencer/ sup­pres­sor, prefer­ably with side-rails for add-ons like a tac­ti­cal light and laser aim­ing de­vice. The new side-arm needs to be a ro­bust weapon to re­place the cur­rent OFB Ich­ha­pore Pis­tol Auto 9mm IA that re­mains the stan­dard is­sue for reg­u­lar Army in­fantry (spe­cial forces use the Aus­trian Glock 17 and Bel­gian FN-35). In­ter­est is likely to pour in from sev­eral quar­ters, in­clud­ing Italy’s Beretta (Px4 Storm), Ger­man-Swiss Sig Sauer (P226) and Ger­man Carl Walther GmbH Sport­waf­fen’s Walther P99. Some of these com­pa­nies have ag­gres­sively mar­keted their wares at In­dian trade shows in re­cent years. In 2009, the In­dian Army had separately an­nounced that it was look­ing for additional 9mm pis­tols for its spe­cial forces and para units.

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