Army Con­ducts Ex­er­cise Sha­tru­jeet to Val­i­date Strike Ca­pa­bil­ity

Ex­er­cise Sha­tru­jeet con­ducted by the In­dian Army for the elite Strike l (1 Corps) in the deserts of Ra­jasthan

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Ex­er­cise Sha­tru­jeet con­ducted by the In­dian Army for the elite Strike l (1 Corps) in the deserts of Ra­jasthan.

MORE THAN 30,000 SOL­DIERS have taken part in Ex­er­cise Sha­tru­jeet con­ducted by the In­dian Army for the elite STRIKE l (1 Corps) in the deserts of Ra­jasthan wherein the ca­pa­bil­ity to strike deep in en­emy ter­ri­tory in an in­te­grated air-land bat­tle en­vi­ron­ment is be­ing tested. Ex­er­cise Sha­tru­jeet is an op­er­a­tional-ori­ented ex­er­cise which is fo­cused on val­i­dat­ing in­te­grated theatre bat­tle fight­ing con­cepts in­cor­po­rat­ing new age tech­nolo­gies, weapon plat­forms and sys­tems as well as long-range pre­ci­sion tar­get­ing vec­tors.

The In­dian Army con­ducts a Strike Corps level ex­er­cise reg­u­larly for ev­ery Strike Corps so that their plan­ning norms and method­ol­ogy, their drills and pro­ce­dures, use of force mul­ti­pli­ers and new age tech­nolo­gies, ef­fi­cacy of their mo­bile com- mu­ni­ca­tions and other sys­tems in­clud­ing air de­fence, and their re­sponses to op­er­a­tional sit­u­a­tions cre­ated on the bat­tle­field can be mon­i­tored. This en­sures that the for­ma­tions con­cerned are kept in a high state of bat­tle readi­ness and their drills and pro­ce­dures are honed to near per­fec­tion. The build-up and prepara­tory train­ing prior to the ac­tual Corps ex­er­cise is car­ried out ear­lier. This in­cludes unit and for­ma­tion level ex­er­cises which are con­ducted dur­ing the six to eight weeks pe­riod pre­ced­ing the main Corps ex­er­cise. This al­lows sub-unit, unit and for­ma­tion com­man­ders to check the ef­fi­ciency of their own sub-units, units and for­ma­tions in­clud­ing drills and pro­ce­dures and re­sponses to bat­tle sit­u­a­tions.

For ex­am­ple, in an ar­moured reg­i­ment of tanks, first the tank troop leader is given time to train with his three tanks with­out su­per­vi­sion, and sim­i­larly the squadron com­man­der is given free time to train his squadron of 14 tanks and then the regi- men­tal com­man­der trains with his 45 tanks. In in­de­pen­dent ar­moured brigades and in the ar­moured di­vi­sion, the train­ing is done in an in­te­grated man­ner wherein with a reg­i­ment of tanks may be grouped one or two com­pa­nies of mech­a­nised in­fantry, a troop of tank trawls, an en­gi­neer pla­toon, an air con­trol team with a ten­ta­cle, an air de­fence troop of air de­fence mis­siles on mo­bile plat­forms, and for­ward ob­ser­va­tions of­fi­cers of ar­tillery. All el­e­ments to­gether form a com­bat group. An ar­moured bri­gade may com­prise of two or three such ar­mour/in­fantry heavy groups de­pend­ing upon the mis­sions in bat­tle.

The for­ma­tion and units are also made to un­dergo op­er­a­tional ori­ented train­ing dur­ing this pe­riod us­ing their ac­tual war equip­ment. Such train­ing ma­noeu­vres at var­i­ous lev­els, pre­pares the Strike Corps for the ma­jor ex­er­cise planned at the Corps level which com­prises in­te­grated op­er­a­tional ma­noeu­vres to val­i­date its opera- tional plans in sim­u­lated high tempo bat­tle­field en­vi­ron­ment and ter­rain.

The fo­cus of the Corps ex­er­cise is to achieve joint and seam­less co­or­di­na­tion among all the forces in a nu­clear, bi­o­log­i­cal, chem­i­cal war­fare sce­nario so as to de­liver the en­emy a lethal punch with full might at light­ning speed. In or­der to achieve this aim, high-end tech­nol­ogy and all the lat­est mul­ti­di­men­sional modern weaponry at the dis­posal of the armed forces has been utilised. In the last decade or so, there has been a paradigm shift in In­dia’s of­fen­sive doc­trine and ca­pa­bil­ity and such ex­er­cises are un­der­taken reg­u­larly by the Army to train its troops in their of­fen­sive role and weapon us­age.

De­tailed de-brief­ing ses­sions are held at unit and for­ma­tion lev­els after the ex­er­cise to col­lect and col­late the tac­ti­cal and lo­gis­tic lessons learnt in the ex­er­cise and the same are sent to the higher for­ma­tions for fur­ther dis­sem­i­na­tion and to Army Head­quar­ters for their use as con­sid­ered ap­pro­pri­ate.

(Top) Co­or­di­nated night fir­ing; BMPs cross­ing wa­ter ob­sta­cle; as­sault by dis­mounted in­fantry, (above) cross­ing of tanks over PMS bridge, fire­power by the In­dian Army ar­tillery and Para Spe­cial Forces in ac­tion.

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