MBDA launches Spear


MBDA, Europe’s lead­ing mis­sile sys­tems com­pany, un­veiled Spear, a new, high pre­ci­sion sur­face at­tack weapon for fast com­bat air­craft. Spear is the so­lu­tion be­ing pro­posed by MBDA to meet the UK Min­istry of De­fence’s (MoD) re­quire­ment for a net­work-cen­tric, low col­lat­eral dam­age, multi-tar­get stand-off strike weapon for mul­ti­ple load­out in the in­ter­nal car­riage bay of its fu­ture fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter air­craft.

With a range out be­yond 100 km and, high sub­sonic flight, Spear is ca­pa­ble of deal­ing with an ex­tremely broad tar­get set rang­ing from fast mov­ing ma­noeu­vring ve­hi­cles in­clud­ing main bat­tle tanks (MBTs), hard­ened struc­tures, air de­fence units and mis­sile launch­ers to naval ves­sels. In ful­fill­ing the UK re­quire­ment, Spear is unique in pro­vid­ing such a range of ca­pa­bil­i­ties in such a high load­out weapon sys­tem.

The Ex­ec­u­tive Group Di­rec­tor Tech­ni­cal and MBDA UK Manag­ing Di­rec­tor Steve Wadey said: “A weapon like Spear is vi­tal for the fu­ture multi-role mis­sions of the F-35 be­cause it max­imises the net­work and sen­sor po­ten­tial pro­vided by the air­craft and max­imises en­hanced air­crew sur­viv­abil­ity in hos­tile airspace. I also think it to be in­dis­pens­able for a num­ber of other com­bat air­craft as­pir­ing to a true multi-role ca­pa­bil­ity. In this re­spect, and based on ex­tremely en­thu­si­as­tic feed­back from our global cus­tomer base, I am very con­fi­dent that Spear has the po­ten­tial of mak­ing a very sig­nif­i­cant im­pact on the ex­port mar­ket.”

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