Com­bat-proven Iron Dome to de­but at Aero In­dia 2013


Is­rael’s par­tic­i­pa­tion at Aero In­dia 2013 will be un­der­scored by an out­side dis­play for the first time by mis­sile house Rafael Ad­vances De­fense Sys­tems Ltd. The heart of the dis­play will be the Iron Dome sys­tem that gained much at­ten­tion dur­ing the flare up be­tween Is­rael and Pales­tine last year where the weapon sys­tem was used with great pub­lic­ity. Need­less to say, Is­rael con­sid­ers In­dia a po­ten­tial cus­tomer of the now com­bat proven ac­tive de­fence sys­tem against short-range ar­tillery rock­ets. It is de­scribed by Rafael as “the only dual mis­sion counter rocket, ar­tillery and mor­tar (C-RAM) and very short­range air de­fence (VSHORAD) sys­tem.

Iron Dome is an af­ford­able, ef­fec­tive and in­no­va­tive de­fence so­lu­tion (CR&AM class) to the asym­met­ric threats of short range rock­ets, (up to and over 70 km), and mor­tars as well as VSHORAD mis­siles sys­tem (up to 10 km) against tra­di­tional air de­fence tar­gets.” Rafael’s out­door dis­play will also in­clude the David’s Sling (Stun­ner), a multi-mis­sion multi-plat­form in­ter­cep­tor devel­oped in part­ner­ship with US firm Raytheon. The Spy­Der short-range and medium-range air de­fence sys­tems (which the IAF has or­dered, though yet to be de­liv­ered) will also be show­cased for the first time.

The Python-5 IR-guided short-range air-to-air mis­sile and Derby BVRAAM (al­ready on the LUSH up­graded Sea Har­ri­ers of the In­dian Navy and cho­sen as the pri­mary BVR weapon on the LCA Tejas) will be on dis­play once again this year. Rafael will also field the MIC4AD ad­vanced uni­fied in­te­grated C4I sys­tem that com­mands and con­trols op­er­a­tions of both air and mis­sile de­fence mis­sions. The com­pany will also field elec­tro-op­ti­cal and com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems in­clud­ing the liten­ing, rec­celite, toplite, imilite and global link. Also at the out­door dis­play will be the en­tire fam­ily of Spike tac­ti­cal guided mis­sile sys­tems.

Iron Dome


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