BAE Sys­tems’ tests 155mm long-range pro­jec­tiles


BAE Sys­tems and Lockheed Martin Cor­po­ra­tion re­cently com­pleted a se­ries of suc­cess­ful guided flight tests for 155mm long-range land at­tack pro­jec­tiles (LRLAP) as part of the on­go­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tion test pro­gramme at White Sands Mis­sile Range in New Mex­ico.

The three tests eval­u­ated the LRLAP’s long-range (63 nau­ti­cal miles) flight per­for­mance and ac­cu­racy with a pre­con­di­tioned tac­ti­cal rocket mo­tor in hot, am­bi­ent, and cold tem­per­a­tures. All test re­quire­ments were met or ex­ceeded, and all range, ac­cu­racy, and lethal­ity ob­jec­tives were suc­cess­fully demon­strated.

“This was a crit­i­cal step for­ward for the US Navy’s 155mm LRLAP pro­gramme,” said Tom Pfen­ning, Di­rec­tor of Pre­ci­sion Guided Mu­ni­tions at BAE Sys­tems. “BAE Sys­tems con­tin­ues to progress on track to fully qual­ify the 155mm LRLAP in sup­port of the de­ploy­ment of the ad­vanced gun sys- tem aboard the DDG 1000.”

The 155mm LRLAP is ef­fec­tive against a va­ri­ety of tar­gets in mul­ti­ple mis­sion ar­eas and was de­signed to pro­vide ex­pe­di­tionary forces with an af­ford­able, ship-launched alternative to cur­rently used mis­siles. The LRLAP is guided by a GPS and in­er­tial mea­sure­ment unit, al­low­ing for high lev­els of ac­cu­racy at ranges be­yond 63 nau­ti­cal miles. This ca­pa­bil­ity re­duces costs by re­quir­ing fewer rounds to achieve de­sired ef­fects on tar­gets and is ef­fec­tive where col­lat­eral dam­age is an is­sue.

BAE Sys­tems is pro­gress­ing to­wards com­plet­ing 155mm LRLAP live fire test­ing in Q4 of 2013.

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