Ad­dress­ing cy­ber se­cu­rity in a holis­tic man­ner


Government is aware of the na­ture of the threats in cy­ber space and is tak­ing ap­pro­pri­ate mea­sures to ad­dress th­ese threats by way of an in­te­grated ap­proach with a se­ries of le­gal, tech­ni­cal and ad­min­is­tra­tive steps to ef­fec­tively deal with the is­sue of cy­ber se­cu­rity in the coun­try and to en­sure that nec­es­sary sys­tems are in place to ad­dress the grow­ing threat of cy­ber at­tacks. In sup­port of this ap­proach, the In­for­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy Act, 2000 has in­cluded ad­e­quate pro­vi­sions for pro­tec­tion of crit­i­cal in­for­ma­tion in­fra­struc­ture and cy­ber se­cu­rity in­ci­dent re­sponse in the coun­try, the Min­is­ter of State for Home R.P.N. Singh has said in the Par­lia­ment.

In or­der to ad­dress the is­sues of cy­ber se­cu­rity in a holis­tic man­ner, the government has come out with a draft “Na­tional Cy­ber Se­cu­rity Pol­icy” af­ter pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion, to unify the var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties and pro­grammes of the government to ad­dress the cy­ber se­cu­rity chal­lenges with an in­te­grated vi­sion and a set of sus­tained and co­or­di­nated strate­gies for im­ple­men­ta­tion. In ad­di­tion, government is tak­ing var­i­ous mea­sures to en­sure nec­es­sary aware­ness and ro­bust se­cu­rity sys­tem in all the crit­i­cal government agen­cies. Salient features of the steps taken by the government are:

Com­put­Ers sE­Cu­rIty polI­CIEs, stAn­DArD op­Er­At­InG pro­CE­DurEs and guide­lines were for­mu­lated and cir­cu­lated to all min­istries/ de­part­ments for im­ple­men­ta­tion. All CEn­trAl GovErnmEnt mIn­IstrIEs/DE­pArt­mEnts AnD stAtE/unIon ter­ri­tory government have been ad­vised to con­duct se­cu­rity au­dit­ing of en­tire in­for­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy in­fra­struc­ture in­clud­ing web­sites pe­ri­od­i­cally to dis­cover gaps with re­spect to se­cu­rity prac­tices and take ap­pro­pri­ate cor­rec­tive ac­tions. NA­tIonAl In­For­mAt­ICs CEn­trE (NIC) HAs BEEn DI­rECtED not to Host web­sites, which are not au­dited with re­spect to cy­ber se­cu­rity. A CrI­sIs mAn­AGE­mEnt plAn For Coun­tEr­InG Cy­BEr At­tACks AnD Cy­BEr ter­ror­ism is in place and cir­cu­lated for im­ple­men­ta­tion by all min­istries/de­part­ments of Cen­tral Government, state gov­ern­ments and their or­gan­i­sa­tions and crit­i­cal sec­tors. THE In­For­mA­tIon TECH­nol­oGy ACt, 2000 As AmEnDED By tHE In­For­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy (Amend­ment) Act, 2008 has been en­forced with ef­fect from Oc­to­ber 27, 2009. The Act pro­vides le­gal frame­work to ad­dress the is­sues con­nected with se­cu­rity breaches of in­for­ma­tion tech­nol­ogy in­fra­struc­ture. THE In­DIAn Com­putEr EmEr­GEnCy RE­sponsE TEAm (CERT-In) is­sues alerts and ad­vi­sories re­gard­ing lat­est cy­ber threats and coun­ter­mea­sures on reg­u­lar ba­sis.

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