Tekever tri­als of AR4 Light Ray UAS in Colom­bia


Tekever con­ducted an in­ten­sive one-week set of tri­als of the AR4 Light Ray UAS to the Colom­bian armed forces, to val­i­date the sys­tem’s pow­er­ful ca­pa­bil­i­ties for in­tel­li­gence, sur­veil­lance, tar­get ac­qui­si­tion and re­con­nais­sance (IS­TAR) mis­sions, un­der the ex­treme al­ti­tude and weather con­di­tions of Colom­bia.

With very in­tense mil­i­tary ac­tiv­ity against guer­rilla forces and nar­co­traf­fic groups, the Colom­bian armed forces are ev­ery­day faced with the need to carry out IS­TAR mis­sions un­der ex­treme weather and ge­o­graphic con­di­tions. The Colom­bian land­scape is poised with high al­ti­tude moun­tains that con­trib­ute to a very in­sta­ble weather, prune to swift changes and speedy winds. Th­ese con­di­tions, cou­pled with very dense veg­e­ta­tion, pose a true am­bi­tious chal­lenge to the use of un­manned ae­rial sys­tems by the Colom­bian armed forces.

The tech­ni­cal tri­als car­ried out by the AR4 Light Ray UAS were per­formed at high al­ti­tudes, around 3,000 me­tres and right in the heart of the moun­tain­ous re­gion sur­round­ing Bo­gotá, demon­strat­ing the sys­tem’s abil­ity to per­form in the most chal­leng­ing sce­nar­ios and un­der the most de­mand­ing weather con­di­tions.

“The tri­als were a com­plete success,” said Ri­cardo Men­des, Tekever Group COO. “We met and ex­ceeded the goals we had planned for, by demon­strat­ing the us­age of the sys­tem to per­form mul­ti­ple types of mis­sions in one of the most chal­leng­ing en­vi­ron­ments in the world.”

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