Gyro-sta­bilised Talon plat­form


Par­a­digm SRP has in­tro­duced the gyro-sta­bilised TALON plat­form sys­tem by which a sol­dier can ob­tain pre­cise ac­cu­racy from any he­li­copter, watercraft, or ve­hi­cle, us­ing ri­fle and scope. This pin­point pre­ci­sion is achieved by in­cor­po­rat­ing state of the art mil-spec gy­ros, high speed ser­vos, and ad­vanced cir­cuitry into a pre­ci­sion ma­chined two axis tur­ret. Par­a­digm MEMS gy­ros send out dig­i­tal at­ti­tude data to the high speed servo mo­tors via a cus­tom en­gi­neered and pro­grammed cir­cuit board. This al­lows sta­bil­i­sa­tion cor­rec­tion so­lu­tions to be made thou­sands of times per sec­ond.

The marks­man can op­er­ate the TALON from a rev­o­lu­tion­ary hand con­troller with an in­te­grated HD color mon­i­tor and fire con­trol sys­tem. Laser range and in­cli­na­tion data is over­laid di­rectly to the hand con­troller’s mon­i­tor.

The TALON is eas­ily trans­ported by a sin­gle op­er­a­tor. In­stal­la­tion of the TALON is rapidly per­formed by se­cur­ing it with any type of cargo straps. Quick Dis­con­nect (QD) mounts han­dle any Pi­catiny rail equipped ri­fle mak­ing at­tach­ing/de­tach­ing your weapon sys­tem light­ning fast. The TALON mount al­lows the shooter to stay on tar­get, even at full op­tic mag­ni­fi­ca­tion, from a he­li­copter or any other mov­ing ve­hi­cle.

The marks­man/sniper-spe­cific gy­ro­scopic weapons mount called the Talon Gyro-Sta­bi­lized Marks­man Plat­form/Uni­ver­sal Weapons Mount (GSMP/UWM), al­lows a marks­man or sniper to en­gage the en­emy with pre­cise shots on the move, even at high speed.

The Talon GSMP’s fea­tures in­clude: Quick-de­tach (QD) mount­ing sys­tem; HD wide-an­gle cam­era; HD ret­i­cle cam­era that mounts to the scope; Pro­pri­etary re­mote trig­ger ac­ti­va­tion de­vice; Hand Con­troller with HD mon­i­tor pro­vid­ing scope view, wide-an­gle view and pic­ture-in-pic­ture ca­pa­bil­ity; Fire con­trol sys­tem (view­able on hand­held mon­i­tor); Weapon con­trol sys­tem (on mon­i­tor); 2,000me­tre (2000M) laser range fin­der; Ad­justed rang­ing pro­vides shoot­ing so­lu­tions for an­gu­lar shoot­ing; Brass catcher for air­borne ap­pli­ca­tions and 54 lbs weight.

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