Ten­der for snow survey air­craft


The DRDO’s Chandi­garhbased Snow & Avalanche Study Es­tab­lish­ment (SASE) has pub­lished a re­quire­ment for one ad­vanced surveil­lance air­craft to un­der­take snow and avalanche stud­ies in the high al­ti­tude north­ern parts of In­dia. The SASE is look­ing for a twin-en­gine plat­form with an op­er­at­ing al­ti­tude of 32,000 feet, a range of 2,000 km and a max­i­mum pay­load of 690 kg, in­clud­ing one pas­sen­ger. The MTOW of the air­craft needs to be a min­i­mum of 5,000 kg. The air­craft should be ca­pa­ble to op­er­ate from air­fields up to 3,300 me­tre AMSL and also cold start up to (–20 de­gree Cel­sius) with­out ad­verse im­pact on en­gine, which should have self-con­tained start­ing sys­tem ca­pa­ble of min­i­mum three or more con­sec­u­tive in­ter­nal starts with­out any ad­verse ef­fect. Ob­vi­ously, the air­craft needs to be fully trop­i­calised and ca­pa­ble of pro­longed op­er­a­tions in heat, dust, cold and high hu­mid­ity con­di­tions preva­lent in In­dia. SASE wants a highly ca­pa­ble air­craft sport­ing a glass cock­pit, and sport­ing the fol­low­ing avion­ics and com­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tems: dual VHF COM, sin­gle HF COM, dual nav­i­ga­tion re­ceivers in­te­grat­ing VOR, LOC, ILS, sin­gle flight man­age­ment sys­tem (FMS), flight data recorder/CVFDR-120 min, dual air com­put­ers (ADC)/au­topi­lot, at­ti­tude head­ing ref­er­ence sys­tem (AHRS), au­to­matic flight guid­ance sys­tem, colour weather radar (≥200Nm range) with storm scope, traf­fic alert and col­li­sion avoid­ance Sys­tem (TCAS II), ter­rain aware­ness and warn­ing sys­tem (TAWS), RVSM (re­verse ver­ti­cal sep­a­ra­tion min­i­mum) com­pli­ance, in­ter­com/ head­sets, transpon­der C & S with data en­abling, dual GPS with R-NAV or P-RNAV com­pli­ance and ELT (emer­gency lo­ca­tion trans­mit­ter).

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