CNS an­swered to SP’s on Navy Day press con­fer­ence


SP’s M.A.I.: Quick ques­tions – a. EMALS sta­tus – can we get an up­date? b. Also, what role do you fore­see for E-2D Hawk­eye if and when

in­ducted? c. Can I ask you re­gard­ing Chennai sit­u­a­tion? What all steps are

be­ing taken to­wards this prob­lem? CNS: In Chennai, we have our ships, air­craft and per­son­nel de­ployed. For the last nearly one week, the weather has cre­ated havoc with flood­ing in Chennai and around the coastal ar­eas of Tamil Nadu. Our naval teams in­clud­ing our Gem­i­nis, our ship Ai­ra­vat as well as our tanker, are de­ployed there with the he­li­copters and divers dis­tribut­ing food pack­ets, dis­tribut­ing wa­ter, res­cu­ing ma­rooned peo­ple, from re­mote lo­ca­tions.

We also car­ried out in­no­va­tive sur­vey of the ar­eas us­ing UAVs where we could then as­sist the state ad­min­is­tra­tion to show them the wa­ter logged lo­ca­tions for pin­point­ing the launch of res­cue oper­a­tions.

In ad­di­tion, the whole of Chennai air­port is flooded, so INS Ra­jali, the In­dian Navy’s air­base, has been ac­ti­vated and all the re­lief ma­te­rial as well as the civil flights are op­er­at­ing out of there. This is en­sur­ing that the stag­na­tion that was com­ing due to the in­abil­ity to use the air­port at Chennai is now be­ing worked through INS Ra­jali. Just yes­ter­day we had nearly 40 tonnes of re­lief ma­te­rial that landed there, the NHDR teams landed and we also had some civil flights that will be op­er­at­ing so that all the stranded pas­sen­gers can be taken out.

This is one of our tasks, one of our roles and the Navy is there stand­ing by and in ac­tion to take stock of the sit­u­a­tion, ac­tu­ally help out peo­ple who are ma­rooned.

We have our Gem­i­nis and boats in the wa­ter go­ing to the re­mote lo­ca­tions, we have all our sailors and per­son­nel who are de­ployed for this op­er­a­tion also tak­ing stock of the sit­u­a­tion.

Re­gard­ing EMALS, it is re­lated to our in­dige­nous air­craft car­rier which is the next car­rier that we would like to build in­dige­nously in the coun­try. The Navy needs to have two op­er­a­tional car­ri­ers at any given mo­ment of time for which we need to have an in­ven­tory of three air­craft car­ri­ers so that we can keep two op­er­a­tional – one on each coast be­cause the con­cept of our oper­a­tions is cen­tred around the car­rier task force for sea con­trol and of course the sub­marines for sea de­nial.

In keep­ing with that vi­sion and making sure that we in­duct the car­rier at the right time so that we have two car­ri­ers avail­able, we have car­ried out a study, a de­tailed study as to what the con­tours of this air­craft car­rier should be.

This air­craft car­rier at this point of time, we are look­ing at some­thing in the re­gion of 60,000 to 65,000 tonnes. All as­pects re­lated to the propul­sion, type of air­craft, launch and re­cov­ery sys­tem on this IAC are part of the de­tailed study. We are also look­ing at the as­pects of the build strat­egy, de­sign strat­egy. EMALS is one of the op­tions which are be­ing looked at this point of time. Noth­ing has been firmed up and we are look­ing at all launch and re­cov­ery op­tions.

As far as the Hawk­eye is con­cerned, that also forms a part of the same study. Once we de­cide on the launch and re­cov­ery sys­tem, we will take stock of air­craft that will fly from it.

(Left) Elec­tro­mag­netic Air­craft Launch Sys­tem (EMALS); (right) E-2D Ad­vanced Hawk­eye

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