Tech­ni­cal Data

SP's MAI - - MILITARY REPORT - Source: BAE Sys­tems


Max­i­mum unas­sisted: 24.7 km Max­i­mum as­sisted: 30+ km

Rate of fire

In­tense: 5 rounds per minute for up to 2 min­utes Sus­tained: 2 rounds per minute

Into/out of action

Em­place­ment: < 3 min­utes Dis­place­ment: < 2 min­utes

Point­ing lim­its

El­e­va­tion: +1,275mm De­pres­sion: -43mm

Tra­verse (on car­riage): 400mm left and right (6,400mm through quick­switch)


All cur­rent and de­vel­op­men­tal US and NATO stan­dard 155mm pro­jec­tiles and charges in­clud­ing Mod­u­lar Ar­tillery Charge Sys­tem


Max­i­mum road speed: 88 kmph/55 mph Cross coun­try speed: 24 kmph/15 mph Tow­ing ve­hi­cles: MTVR, FMTV, M800 and M900 5-tonne trucks, any 2.5-tonne truck, HMMWV in lo­cal area

Fixed wing: C130, C141, C17, C5, Roll-on roll-off/ LVAD

Ro­tary wing: CH53E, CH47D, MV22

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