The de­ci­sive fac­tor


The Her­mes 450 UAV divi­sion per­forms the most flight hours in the Is­raeli Air Force (IAF). In the first eight months of 2016, it clocked 16,807 flight hours. The divi­sion, which op­er­ates from Palmahim Air Force Base, per­forms the most flight hours of all IAF di­vi­sions. The small air­craft op­er­ates around the clock and cal­en­dar.

Ac­cord­ing to Lt Colonel Daniel, a UAV Squadron Com­man­der, the Her­mes 450 divi­sion is cen­tral part of the IAF’s UAV divi­sion. “It com­bines ex­cel­lent tech­no­log­i­cal ca­pa­bil­i­ties with low costs. It’s a sim­ple air­craft with great op­er­a­tional ben­e­fit”. Ma­jor Li­ran, Deputy Com­man­der of the Squadron: “The divi­sion stands out with a large num­ber of air­craft, so we can pro­vide a large num­ber of cen­tres and as­sist mul­ti­ple el­e­ments at once.”

The air­craft co­op­er­ates with al­most ev­ery other IAF air­craft: its co­op­er­a­tion with the fighter divi­sion fo­cuses on quick clo­sure, it flies over en­emy ter­ri­tory, iden­ti­fies tar­gets and con­tacts the at­tack air­craft. “The air­craft can di­rect the fighter to the tar­get with­out it wast­ing time on un­der­stand­ing the mission. The op­er­a­tors see the tar­get, an­a­lyse the data and com­mu­ni­cate it to the at­tacker. This al­lows us to as­sist with a much higher pace of work,” ex­plained Ma­jor Li­ran.

The divi­sion’s slo­gan can’t be missed in the squadron’s brief­ing room: “To be a de­ci­sive fac­tor in the next war”. In the past years, the divi­sion has im­ple­mented the slo­gan and made the UAV one of the most im­por­tant air­craft in the IAF, a fact clearly ex­pressed in the divi­sion’s close co­op­er­a­tion with var­i­ous IAF air­craft and di­vi­sions.

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