Two launches in a row with pre­cise hit of BrahMos Block 3


South West­ern Com­mand’s Corps ‘Strike One’ suc­cess­fully car­ried out the fir­ing of the ad­vanced BrahMos Block III land at­tack cruise mis­sile sys­tem (LACM) in the An­daman and Ni­co­bar Is­lands on May 3. The suc­ces­sive launches re­in­force the for­mi­da­ble weapon’s pre­ci­sion strike ca­pa­bil­ity. The long-range tac­ti­cal weapon was suc­cess­fully tested from the same lo­ca­tion on May 2.

These suc­cess­ful fir­ings of the su­per­sonic cruise mis­sile were car­ried out in full op­er­a­tional land-to-land con­fig­u­ra­tions from Mo­bile Au­tonomous Launch­ers (MAL) at its full-range. Meet­ing all flight pa­ram­e­ters in a copy­book man­ner while con­duct­ing high level and com­plex ma­noeu­vers, the multi-role mis­sile suc­cess­fully hit the land-based tar­get with de­sired pre­ci­sion, in both the tri­als demon­strat­ing its ac­cu­racy of less than one me­tre.

This is the fifth con­sec­u­tive time when the Block-III ver­sion of BrahMos LACM has been suc­cess­fully launched and hit the land-based tar­get in ‘top-at­tack’ mode, an in­cred­i­ble feat not achieved by any other weapon sys­tem of its genre. In­dian Army, which be­came the first land force in the world to de­ploy the BrahMos in 2007, has raised sev­eral reg­i­ments of this for­mi­da­ble weapon. Jointly de­vel­oped by In­dia’s DRDO and Rus­sia’s NPOM, the multi-plat­form, multi-mis­sion BrahMos is ca­pa­ble of be­ing launched from land, sea, sub-sea and air against sur­face and sea-based tar­gets.

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