BEL crosses 10,000 crore land­mark turnover


Navratna De­fence PSU Bharat Elec­tron­ics Lim­ited (BEL) has achieved the land­mark turnover of more than ` 10,000 crore (Pro­vi­sional & Unau­dited) dur­ing FY 2017-18, sus­tain­ing dou­ble digit growth over the pre­vi­ous year’s turnover of ` 8,825 crore. Some of the flag­ship projects ex­e­cuted dur­ing the year in­clude in­te­grated air com­mand & con­trol sys­tem (IACCS), weapon lo­cat­ing radar (WLR), hand-held ther­mal imager (HHTI), Akash weapon sys­tem (Army), naval fire con­trol sys­tem, in­te­grated communication sys­tem, 3-D tac­ti­cal con­trol radar (TCR), elec­tronic war­fare sys­tems, L-70 gun up­grade, elec­tronic vot­ing ma­chines (EVM) and Voter Ver­i­fi­able Paper Au­dit Trail (VVPAT).

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