Rus­sian Naval Weaponry to Strengthen Peace in South East Asia

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RUS­SIA’S DE­FENcE MATERIEL EX­PORT or­ga­ni­za­tion Rosoboronex­port has teamed with the un­der­sea re­search or­gan­i­sa­tion Gidropri­bor to launch a pro­gram pro­mot­ing the lat­est naval weaponry to the navies of South East Asia. The aim of this weaponry is to pre­serve the power bal­ance in the re­gion and main­tain peace among the lo­cal na­tions.

“A wide range of mis­sions car­ried out by the navies of mar­itime pow­ers ne­ces­si­tates equip­ping them with var­i­ous types of naval hard­ware and spe­cial equip­ment. The for­eign navies in­clude 225 Rus­sian-built ships. Of them, more than 100 sur­face ships and sub­marines carry naval un­der­wa­ter weapons. Rosoboronex­port is of­fer­ing its part­ners unique so­lu­tions to equip and up­grade the ar­ma­ment of th­ese ships,” said Alexan­der Mikheev, Direc­tor Gen­eral of Rosoboronex­port.

Naval un­der­wa­ter weapons are in ser­vice with all the world’s ma­jor navies. how­ever, only a few coun­tries - in­clud­ing Rus­sia - are ca­pa­ble of de­sign­ing and man- ufac­tur­ing th­ese weapons in­de­pen­dently, due to the high com­plex­ity and cost of th­ese ef­forts. A num­ber of weapons pro­duced by JSc Sea Un­der­wa­ter Weapons – known as the Gidropri­bor con­cern – are of­fered by Rosoboronex­port and are un­ri­valled in the world.

In­ter­na­tional cus­tomers are of­fered a wide range of naval hard­ware and spe­cial equip­ment. Among them are tor­pe­does, mines, mine coun­ter­mea­sures and un­der­wa­ter anti-sabotage weapons, as well as ship self-de­fence against un­der­wa­ter weapons.

In the do­main of tor­pedo weapons, the TE-2 uni­ver­sal elec­tric re­mote-con­trol hom­ing tor­pedo is avail­able. It is de­signed to de­stroy sub­marines, sur­face ships and fixed tar­gets. In ad­di­tion, a num­ber of newly de­vel­oped tor­pe­does, in­clud­ing 533 mm tor­pe­does and 324 mm small tor­pe­does, have great prospects for the world mar­ket.

The MDM-1 and MDM-2 sea floor mines are de­signed to cre­ate a mine threat and de­stroy sur­face ships and sub­marines in sur­face and sub­merged con­di­tions, espe- cially when used in mine­fields. The Shelf naval mine of­fered has no coun­ter­parts in the world. It can be de­ployed from air­craft, sub­marines, and sur­face ships. The Shelf mine has a hy­droa­cous­tic pas­sive/ac­tive de­tec­tion and tar­get­ing sys­tem, which is pro­tected from trig­ger­ing when ex­posed to nat­u­ral dis­tur­bances and in­flu­ence sweeps. Once de­ployed, the mine can de­tect any sub­marines and sur­face ships re­gard­less of the level of their noise and speed. Its unique de­sign makes it dif­fi­cult for the tar­get to use coun­ter­mea­sures and con­duct eva­sive ac­tion.

Naval mines are not rigidly linked to a par­tic­u­lar ship project. coun­tries whose naval doc­trine pro­vides for mine lay­ing are in­ter­ested in their ac­qui­si­tion. Rosoboronex­port ex­pects at­ten­tion to Rus­sian­made naval mines from a wide range of coun­tries in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin Amer­ica.

As re­gards mine coun­ter­mea­sures and ship self-de­fense against un­der­wa­ter weapons, Rosoboronex­port of­fers the fol­low­ing prod­ucts: Mayak-2014 sonar sys­tems, MG- 74ME self-pro­pelled sonar coun­ter­mea­sure de­vices, small-sized self-pro­pelled tor­pedo de­fense de­vices, the ShAT-U broad­band acous­tic sweep as well as the GKT-3M deep­wa­ter con­tact sweep, which is un­matched in the world mar­ket. A flex­i­ble con­fig­u­ra­tion of the sweep en­ables its use in sin­gle ship­borne, he­li­borne, paired near-bot­tom and net­work ver­sions.

In ad­di­tion, diver de­liv­ery ve­hi­cles that can be used from the world’s most pop­u­lar Rus­sian-built Projects 877 and 636 sub­marines – as well as Pi­ranha class mid­get sub­marines – are con­sid­ered by Rosoboronex­port to be promis­ing for the global mar­ket.

“We also ex­pect con­sid­er­able in­ter­est in Rus­sia’s naval un­der­wa­ter weapons from coun­tries de­vel­op­ing their own ship­build­ing in­dus­try, but hav­ing no prior ca­pa­bil­ity to de­velop and pro­duce naval weapons. In ad­di­tion, a num­ber of coun­tries are seek­ing the know how nec­es­sary to es­tab­lish the pro­duc­tion of th­ese weapons by their na­tional in­dus­trial base. Rosoboronex­port is ready to work in th­ese ar­eas,” added Alexan­der Mikheev.

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