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If you com­bined the Sky­Mall cat­a­logue with the Christ­mas list of some spoiled rich kid you’d end up with Ham­macher Sch­lem­mer: an im­pos­si­ble menagerie of ev­ery­thing from shoe pol­ish­ers, to talk­ing scales, to this amaz­ing set of un­der­wa­ter thrusters that you wear like a pair of Iron Man’s pants, re­ports Giz­modo. If there’s a bet­ter way to spend $ 31,000 we haven’t seen it.

A pair of six- inch elec­tric thrusters silently pro­pel a swimmer to speeds of up to three- and- a- half knots, and on a full charge the propul­sion pants have a range of about two miles. But, you can ex­tend that by bring­ing along an ex­tra bat­tery that can ac­tu­ally be swapped in while un­der­wa­ter.

But if that isn’t hard­core enough for you, check out the lim­i­ta­tions on who can buy a pair, and where they can use it:

Only avail­able from Ham­macher Sch­lem­mer for recre­ational use by US cit­i­zens within US ter­ri­to­rial wa­ters, its ad­vanced de­sign re­quires pur­chase ap­proval from the US depart­ment of state.

It seems like it’s eas­ier to buy a gun, high- end ex­plo­sives, or even a small army than it is to or­der one of th­ese for a fun week­end on the lake.

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