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With nine points and three spades, West should have raised to two spades. Yes, part­ner was a passed hand, so game was im­pos­si­ble, and West's hand was as flat as a pan­cake, but he ought to have made life harder for North.

To bid two spades on the next round gave his op­po­nents a fielder's choice be­cause North had been able to de­scribe his hand.

Fi­nally, South should have passed out two spades be­cause he also had a pan­cake. True, that con­tract can be made, but three di­a­monds had no chance. South lost two spades, two di­a­monds and two clubs to go down two -- luck­ily, but un­der­stand­ably, not dou­bled by West.

Bid your hand im­me­di­ately and be cau­tious with 4- 33- 3 dis­tri­bu­tion when not in no- trump

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