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Do­nat­ing jag­gery helps in hav­ing a safe and healthy baby.

T his week, the cards bring the time to shine, so­cialise and con­nect. These are happy, free and so­cia­ble times (while main­tain­ing so­cial dis­tance). You are able to make a con­nec­tion of heart and mind by con­tact­ing oth­ers, which can be used for the greater good. In gen­eral, this is a time of a healthy emo­tional state — what­ever hap­pens in any other area of life you al­ways have lov­ing con­tacts in your fam­ily or friends to fall back upon as sup­port and com­fort. If times are hard for you, reach out and ask for the love and sup­port you need.

Lucky Num­ber: 3 Lucky Colour: Pas­tel Pink

“I con­nect into this sa­cred sib­ling hooded into this ex­pan­sive ex­pe­ri­ence of wit­ness­ing through time.”

T his week halt your busy life and make time for quiet con­tem­pla­tion. You’d leave be­hind your mun­dane life and march off on a jour­ney of self-dis­cov­ery. Other peo­ple will be drawn to you to get your ad­vice. A teacher may ap­pear in your life as a spir­i­tual men­tor to raise your vi­bra­tion and up your spir­i­tual quo­tient. Those in love will ex­pe­ri­ence a deep soul­ful con­nec­tion that de­vel­ops over time. If you are sin­gle, the cards in­di­cate that you might fall in love with your friend..



Lucky Num­ber:9 Lucky Colour: Ruby Red

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