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Tarot Speak : 13 : 13

Tarot Speak

13 Saturday 4 July 2020 tarot speak Delhi Age A life so intimate T his week shows the beginning of a situation whose potential is as double-edged. It is a time when the universe might force you to cut away the things in your life that aren’t working. Some of you might hear swift, sudden news, which can anger you or break your heart at first glance. However, it will turn positive in the end, as the news will cut away things you have wanted rid of. Some of you may suddenly find a solution to one pesky problem that’s been nagging you for months. The cards bring an ability to quit addictions or bad habits, a change in mood for the better. DEC 22 TO JAN 20 BKelly rad Meltzer, the famous American author, once opined, “There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood. And understand­ing someone else.” One could experience intimate feelings with a friend, family member, co-worker or partner. This week, we shall focus on the various ways you can bond with others and form intimate and meaningful relationsh­ips, especially with your partner. While the first criterion to developing a more meaningful bond is by being around people with whom you share a common interest, the Australian motivation­al speaker and business consultant Matthew tells us that common interests are not enough to hold a relationsh­ip together. He says you need a common unchanging purpose. This unchanging purpose, according to him, will allow you to make choices that help you become the best versions of yourself amidst the fast pace of life. You can then gauge every opportunit­y or crisis in your personal or profession­al life against this common purpose. Another great method to building intimacy is by clearly communicat­ing your expectatio­ns to others. If you expect others to understand what you want, then you have to tell them. This also means you need to know yourself, and you need to know what you really need. You simply can’t expect someone to understand how you feel about something unless you express your feelings to them. While there is nothing more passionate and ecstatic than the pursuit of your dream, there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone you love achieve his/hers. It could be a simple dream such as having lunch at a five-star hotel or going for a honeymoon to the Andamans, or it could be a more ambitious dream such as assuming a leadership role in a reputed organisati­on. Most importantl­y, you must realise that to be able to reveal yourself truly to another person, you must constantly work to become the best version of yourself. This means focusing on your most legitimate needs, physically, intellectu­ally and spirituall­y. Take care of your body with physical exercises and the right nutrition. Intellectu­ally stimulate yourself by reading books authored by great leaders of our times and by expanding your vision for your life. Spirituall­y immerse yourself in prayers or meditation so you feel better about yourself and about life. Here is wishing you realise that life is all about love and intimacy. Find your common, unchanging purpose, communicat­e your desires and expectatio­ns, do not settle for less than the best version of yourself and take care of your needs. Embrace these ideas, and you shall experience the power of intimacy to transform your life. “Intimacy is not something that just happens between two people; it is a way of being alive. At every moment, we are choosing either to reveal ourselves or to protect ourselves, to value ourselves or to diminish ourselves, to tell the truth or to hide. To dive into life or to avoid it. Intimacy is making the choice to be connected to, rather than isolated from, our deepest truth at that moment.” —Geneen Roth Lucky Number: 1 Lucky Colour: Fuchsia pink Tarot Affirmatio­n from the Light Seers Deck: “I experience brilliant moments of clarity.” T his week, the cards indicate setbacks and adversitie­s. It seems that you have fallen into an abyss and nobody is there beside you to help you. In fact, people might be sadistical­ly enjoying seeing you in pain. Sometimes, circumstan­ces are beyond human control. You just have to ride the wave and wait for the situation to get better. So, accept your current circumstan­ces. Do not resist change but allow it to happen, even if it causes some initial pain and hurt to you. Things will get better; you shall heal and learn from this mishap. JAN 21 TO FEB 19 Tarot Affirmatio­n from the Light Seers Deck: “I am healing every day.” If you have a question, Maanya Kohli has an answer. Send us your full name, date of birth and question at and Maanya will answer your question in this column T PISCES his week, a major change is heading your way. The change is under your control, and you can even turn your back on it if you wish. However, you shall regret doing so because this change is necessary for your growth and spiritual developmen­t. The day of reckoning will come someday, and you will have to admit where you have gone wrong to receive the rewards you deserve. Some of you may be haunted by ghosts from your past but will find it is better to deal with them finally. Those looking for love need to take one step at a time and not rush into a relationsh­ip. Health needs care. FEB 20 TO MARCH 20 NOV 23 TO DEC 21 OCT 24 TO NOV 22 Lucky Number: 20 Lucky Colour: Sea Blue Tarot Affirmatio­n from the Light Seers Deck: Tarot Affirmatio­n from the Light Seers Deck: “I witness my brightly lit heart.” Tarot Affirmatio­n from the Light Seers Deck:“Hello essence…I am here to share my voice.

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