Iran claims to have ‘fa­ther of all bombs’ over­shad­ow­ing US’ most pow­er­ful ‘mother’

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A top com­man­der of Iran's Is­lamic Revo­lu­tion Guards Corps (IRGC) claimed that the coun­try pos­sesses the "fa­ther of all bombs" which over­shad­ows the most pow­er­ful non-nu­clear ord­nance of the US. The bomb was de­vel­oped un­der a spe­cial re­quest of the IRGC, the corps' Aerospace Force com­man­der, Bri­gadier Gen­eral Amir Ali Ha­jizadeh, said in an in­ter­view on Fri­day to Press TV, re­ports IANS.

"Fol­low­ing a pro­posal by the Aerospace Force of the Is­lamic Revo­lu­tion Guards Corps (IRGC), (Iran's) De­fence In­dus­tries (Or­gan­i­sa­tion) man­u­fac­tured a 10-ton bomb. These bombs are at our dis­posal," Press TV cited the com­man­der as say­ing. "They can be launched from Ilyushin air­craft and they are highly de­struc­tive," he added, with­out pro­vid­ing any fur­ther de­tails on the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of the ord­nance. The com­man­der called the de­vice the "fa­ther of all bombs", com­par­ing it to the US GBU-43/B Mas­sive Ord­nance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), com­monly known as the "mother of all bombs".

Since the Amer­i­can de­vice weighs 9.8 tons and yields 11 tons in TNT equiv­a­lent, the IRGC com­man­der pre­sum­ably re­ferred to the weight of the new Ira­nian ord­nance rather than its de­struc­tive po­ten­tial. The MOAB was de­vel­oped in 2003 and first used in com­bat this April, when the US dropped the de­vice in Afghanistan on a moun­tain tun­nel com­plex used by the Is­lamic State ter­ror­ists.

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