Tatkare al­leges Fad­navis loves Gu­jarat and al­lows projects to shift to neigh­bour­ing state

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The Na­tion­al­ist Congress Party has ac­cused Chief Min­is­ter Deven­dra Fad­navis for be­ing in love with the neigh­bour­ing state Gu­jarat and is al­low­ing all ma­jor projects to be di­verted then he should also take the Na­nar project to Gu­jarat.

Su­nil Tatkare, the state pres­i­dent of NCP said, his party will not al­low Na­nar project to be set up in Konkan and Fad­navis can ac­tu­ally shift it to Gu­jarat.

Tatkare, while com­ment­ing upon state­ment of Sud­hir Mun­gan­ti­war, min­is­ter for fi­nance said, Fad­navis can with hap­pily shift Na­nar project to Gu­jarat. “Fad­navis loves and prefers Gu­jarat for in­vest­ment and hence al­lowed In­ter­na­tional Fi­nan­cial Ser­vices Cen­tre (IFSC) to Gu­jarat,” said Tatkare. Mun­gan­ti­war on Mon­day while speak­ing with me­dia per­sons said, Na­nar can be shifted to Gu­jarat if peo­ple of Konkan will op­pose it.

Tatkare clar­i­fied NCP chief Sharad Pawar did not said Na­nar should be set up in Konkan. “Pawar said the project is good and it must be come up. But he fur­ther said, the place for the project may be dif­fer­ent than Konkan,” Tatkare clar­i­fied.

“We have lost flora and fauna of Konkan due to chem­i­cal fac­to­ries in Konkan. There are chem­i­cal zone in Lote Parshu­ram, Roha and in sev­eral cities in Konkan. The pol­lu­tion has cre­ated health is­sues. Hence we had de­cided in 2013-14 when I was min­is­ter, not to bring more chem­i­cal com­pa­nies in Konkan re­gion,” said Tatkare. He added, Dur­ing erst­while Congress-NCP alliance regime, the state cab­i­net had ap­proved his pro­posal of not to set up more chem­i­cal in­dus­tries in Konkan.

Back­ing San­gram Jag­tap, ac­cused in mur­der of two Sena lead­ers in Ahmed­na­gar and party leg­is­la­tor, Tatkare said, San­gram is in­no­cent and its a con­spir­acy to in­volve him in mur­der case. “We have de­mand to con­duct the case fast track court. We con­demn the at­tack on of­fice of Su­per­in­ten­dent of Po­lice and we also de­mand to take ac­tion against those re­spon­si­ble for the at­tack even they will be our party work­ers. But we be­lieve, San­gram Jag­tap is not in­volved in any case,” Tatkare claimed.

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