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< " ! ! "#$ "%"% $ 5 "" # 3 - , " H I yesterday, and this is a very simple, doable, and practical approach. If we look at the net cost-benefit analysis, a farmer will get twice the profit of what he will spend. This is a new invention and Pusa Institute is one of the most reputed institutes in the country. We must implement this as soon as possible." Taking to social media, he tweeted, "Farmers are also worried about the pollution that is caused due to stubble burning every year. A technique has been developed by the scientists of IARI - Bio Decomposer. I visited to observe the technique today. Scientists believe that because of this, farmers will not have to burn stubble, the stubble will turn into manure and the farmers' yield will also increase." The technology, called Pusa Decomposer, involves making a liquid formulatio­n using Pusa decomposer capsules and readily available inputs, fermenting it over 8-10 days, and then spraying the mixture on fields with crop stubble to ensure speedy biodecompo­sition of the stubble. This improves the fertility and productivi­ty of the soil as the stubble works as manure and compost for the crops and lesser fertilizer consumptio­n will be required in the future. The cost of the capsule is very less, we will be getting a proposal mentioning all the important details such as cost per acre soon. This is the result of many years of hard work and efforts of the scientists, and they have got the validation after a year after all their pilot testing and projection. They have also given their technique a license for commercial exploitati­on. On a question of why there is no action on stubble burning throughout the year, CM Kejriwal said, "I agree that no major efforts have been made the whole year on stubble burning. I do not want to blame anyone but the central government is also trying its best. The union has held meetings, initiated new schemes and implemente­d custom hiring sectors, and given subsidies on new machinery. “The scientists gave a presentati­on to me of this simple, doable, and practical technique to stop stubble burning.” “I will request him to speak to the neighborin­g states to take all measures to effectivel­y implement it despite the crunch of time. We will surely implement this technique in a very efficient and effective manner in Delhi,” Kejriwal said. Briefing the media after his visit, he said, "Delhi and many other North Indian states are covered with smoke due to stubble burning in the neighborin­g states by the farmers. Pusa Agricultur­e Institute scientists have developed a new and innovative technique, under which they give four capsules, with the help of which the farmers can prepare a 25-liter of a liquid mixture with jaggery and chickpea flour, which is sufficient to cover 1 hectare of land. When the farmer sprays the 25 liters of the liquid mix on the stubble, the stubble !01 0 Aday after his interactio­n with scientists on Pusa Technology to manage stubble causing air pollution, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday visited Pusa Agricultur­al institute to see the bio-decomposer technique developed by scientists of IARI, terms the technique practical and doable for preventing stubble burning pollution. Kejriwal said that this technique involves the spraying of Pusa decomposer capsules along with a liquid formulatio­n using readily available elements, that will help decompose the stubble into compost, decrease the use of fertilizer­s and increase the productivi­ty of the farm soil. “I will meet the Union Environmen­t Minister Prakash Javadekar in a day or two to discuss the efficient and effective implementa­tion ) $ 1 "" 2 3 " * . " $# ! # 1 4 softens and melts down in 20 days. The farmer can then begin his sowing again and he does not need to burn the crop stubble. The soil loses its richness due to stubble burning, and it also destroys the useful bac- teria and fungi in the soil, apart from causing harm to the environmen­t. 3%+ + - ) 5 6 7 & her behavior. She suspended “We are witnessing that the me instead of allowing some employees of the municipal time to speak,” he added. corporatio­ns are not getting Commenting on the issue, their salaries for the past few Vikas Goel, AAP councilor months. At the time of and LoP in North Corporatio­n COVID-19 pandemic, the docsaid "It is very unfortunat­e tors, nurses, sanitation workers, that the SDMC has not paid teachers and others had not such huge money till now received their salaries. These knowing that the salaries of employees are protesting every employees of north civic body day at the Civic Centre and are pending for months. He other places but they have not demanded the SDMC to release stopped their work. The BJP the money immediatel­y. ruled MCDs have treated their Senior AAP leader and own employees very inhuMCD in- charge Durgesh. manly,” he said. Pathak on Thursday said that Pathak also requested the Bharatiya Janata Party- led Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta to SDMC has not paid Rs 2137 immediatel­y intervene and ask crore to the North Delhi the South Corporatio­n to Municipal Corporatio­n. release this money. tance and the releasing of Rs 2100 as rent due towards North Corporatio­n,” he said. Chauhan said “I tried to raise two different issues. One was regarding the non-payment of the salary of the DTC drivers and the second one was regarding the non-releasing of funds for the North Corporatio­n. Mayor did stop me from raising such points but our fight will continue for the rights of employees till the time BJP does not pay the salary of the employees.” He also accused the mayor of threatenin­g him during the House proceeding­s. “I removed the sticker pasted on the mayor's chair to protest against sion to suspend him was taken after he started disrupting the proceeding­s frequently. The AAP, however, hit back saying that the corporatio­n is riddled with corruption and the mayor does not allow them to raise their voice. “The AAP leaders were not allowed to speak and even BJP councillor­s misbehaved with me in the House by calling me ‘Maoist’, said Chauhan. Describing the decision as unpreceden­ted, the LoP said the ‘autocratic’ action was taken to prevent the opposition’s voice. “The mayor abruptly and intentiona­lly did not allow me to speak on some of the matters related to public impor- < !01 0 South Corporatio­n mayor Anamika on Thursday suspended Leader of Opposition ( LoP) Prem Chauhan for allegedly disrupting the functionin­g of the House and creating ‘ruckus’ during a meeting. However, the LoP termed the decision dictatoria­l, saying that he was not allowed to speak on crucial matters and even called ‘Maoist’ by a BJP councilor. The LoP said that the ruling party is trying to suppress the opposition's voice by not allowing councilors of the opposition party to speak. The BJP leaders said that the deci- the accused allegedly took out a pistol and shot at Manish before fleeing,” he said. “A case has been registered under section 399 (making preparatio­ns to commit dacoity), 397 ( robbery or dacoity with attempt the cause death or grievous hurt) and 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC),” he said “Police are looking for CCTV footage from areas along the route, The investigat­ion is underway,” he further added. accused are yet to be establishe­d and teams have been formed to trace them,” said the senior police official. “The incident took place around 7.30 pm on Wednesday when Manish and his brother, Arun, were returning home. They live in Ramprastha in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh,” said police official privy to investigat­ion. “As the brothers reached the Shahdara flyover, two men intercepte­d them on a motorcycle and tried to snatch their bag. Facing resistance, one of !01 0 A52- year-old man was shot at allegedly by two unidentifi­ed motorcycle-borne men for resisting a robbery bid on the Shahdara flyover in National Capital. The victim has been identified as Manish. According to a senior police official, Manish sustained a bullet injury in his stomach and is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Patparganj. “Manish is out of danger now. The identities of the . 4)5 !" # $%$"& % ' $&& % (( $ %" “The complainan­t further told police that Dayal assured them that he will conclude the purchase of the land and find a suitable third-party buyer. The complainan­t was induced on hefty profit sharing by further sale of property and obtained Rs three Crore and siphoned off the funds for his personal use,” said the Joint CP. “A First Informatio­n Report (FIR) under section 420/406/120-B of Indian Penal Code (IPC) was registered and investigat­ion taken up. During investigat­ion, the accounts statements were scrutinize­d where it was revealed that Pankaj is the shareholde­r and one of the authorized signatory of the bank account of alleged company,” said the Joint CP. “A sum of Rs 95 Lacs paid by the complainan­t in the account of alleged company was siphoned off by accused Pankaj Dayal on the same day and diverted in his personal account for his own use. The money as agreed with the land owner was not paid by the accused. The directors of the accused company were his employees and accused was looking after the affairs of the alleged company,” the Joint CP said. “The accused was arrested from his newly establishe­d office in Greater Kailash and during interrogat­ion it was revealed that he got several companies incorporat­ed and appointed the people who were in search of the employment as directors and operated the companies from behind the screen. He lured innocent buyers to invest in the property and duped them,” the Joint CP said. NEW DELHI: A Delhi court Thursday sent former JNU student leader Umar Khalid, arrested under the stringent anti- terror law Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, in a case related to the communal violence in north east Delhi in February, to judicial custody till October 22. Khalid, who was arrested on September 13 in the case, was produced before the court through video conferenci­ng at the end of his 10 days police custody. His custodial interrogat­ion had started on September 14. Since police did not seek his further custody, Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat ordered his judicial custody with direction to the Tihar Jail Superinten­dent to take all necessary steps, within the rules, to ensure the safety and security of the accused. Khalid claimed before the court that he has not signed any document whatsoever during his police custody. “During the last 10 days' in police custody I have not signed any paper or statements,” he told the court. In the FIR, police has claimed that the communal violence was a "premeditat­ed conspiracy" which was allegedly hatched by Khalid and two others. He has also been booked for the offences of sedition, murder, attempt to murder, promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and rioting. Khalid had allegedly given provocativ­e speeches at two different places and appealed to the citizens to come out on streets and block the roads during the visit of US President Donald Trump to spread propaganda at internatio­nal level about how minorities in India are being tortured , the FIR alleged. In this conspiracy, firearms, petrol bombs, acid bottles and stones were collected at numerous homes, the FIR alleged. Co-accused Danish was allegedly given the responsibi­lity to gather people from two different places to take part in the riots, police alleged. Women and children were made to block the roads under the Jafrabad metro station on February 23 to create tension amidst the neighborho­od people, FIR said. During the proceeding­s in the court today, Khalid said he be allowed to meet his family members before sending him to judicial custody. Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad said police will allow Khalid's family members to meet him provided they reach within time as he has to be taken for medical examinatio­n and thereafter they will send the accused to judicial custody. Khalid's counsel made submission that priority should be given for his safety and security and he be allowed to take his spectacles inside the jail which was permitted by the court. Communal clashes had broken out in northeast Delhi on February 24 after violence between citizenshi­p law supporters and protesters spiralled out of control leaving at least 53 people dead and around 200 injured. $ " ) *+, ! # 1 4 !01 0 ) ! * %' ! $%"& %+ $%$" , "$ $ - * "! The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police has arrested a man involved in several of cheating across the city. Police said with his arrest they have solved seven cases of cheating and fraud registered across the city. The accused has been identified as Pankaj Dayal, a resident of Sainik Farm in South Delhi. According to Dr OP Mishra, the Joint Commission­er of Police, EOW, a complaint was received in which the complainan­t stated that Pankaj Dayal misreprese­nted his company Blue Cloud Infra private limited that accused company Amenity Promoters private limited was in process of purchasing of 5.06 acre agricultur­e land in village Jhatikara in Delhi for which the company had already paid Rs three crores to the land owner. one lakh. The company is making a move towards self-reliant India. “This training centre will provide employable training to the youth with modern technology. ESSCI has so far trained one million youth as per the requiremen­t of electronic industry. Keeping this in mind, ESSCI has started this new training centre at Manesar, in Gurugram. This centre will play a major role in making Prime Minister Narendra Modi's selfrelian­t India campaign a success,” said NK Mohapatra, CEO (ESSCI). EMS will be trained at this training centre under the scheme of Electronic­s System Design & Manufactur­ing, Skill Developmen­t ( ESDM) Capacity Building, a Scheme of Union Ministry of Electronic and Informatio­n Technology. This training session will provide more opportunit­y and employment to these technician­s. The company has set a target of increasing the workforce of its product engineerin­g and manufactur­ing facilities from 4,000 to .*. *,/ The Electronic­s Sector Skills Council of India ( ESSCI), working under the Ministry of Skill Developmen­t and Entreprene­urship, Government of India, in collaborat­ion with VVDN Technologi­es will train around 800 Emergency medical technician­s (EMS). For this, a new training centre has been launched at IMT Sector8, Manesar in Gurugram on Thursday. In which these 800 !" # $ ! %&$ ' Preet Pal Sangwan, ACP (crime). The weapons were reportedly brought to Gurugram in order to be supplied to criminals operating in the city. The police have also identified the criminals to whom the accused duo have handed the consignmen­t, but didn't disclose the names for investigat­ion reasons. "This is not the first time while the police have nabbed Kuldeep Singh, in 2018 Singh was arrested in a dacoity and arms act case, the case was filed against him at the Rajendra Park police station," Sangwan said. The police also suspect that while in jail he came in contact with illegal arms suppliers and once he was released, he began procuring illegal weapons from them with the intention of supplying to criminals in Gurugram. The accused used to procure the illegal automatic pistols from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh for Rs 22,000 each. However, the police are ascertaini­ng how much amount he charged from the criminals in lieu of the pistols. The market value of the pistols are Rs 50,000 each, according to police. "Earlier, Kuldeep was arrested in five cases under the arms act and other various sections of the IPC which were lodged against him in Gurugram, Bhiwani and Narnaul in Mahenderga­rh district in Haryana. We are also gathering informatio­n about Sachin the co-accused if he has any criminal history. Further probe in the matter is underway " Sangwan added. .*. *,/ The Gurugram Police have arrested two men for allegedly supplying illegal weapons in the city on Wednesday, the police said. The arrested accused were identified as 32- year- old Kuldeep Singh alias Kullu of Bhiwani district in Haryana and 22-year-old Sachin alias Kalu, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Kuldeep Singh is stated to be the mastermind. "Based on specific inputs, the duo were arrested from Sehrawan ki Dhani near Manesar on Wednesday evening, after a brief exchange of fire with the police party. 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