FB users must up­load self­ies as iden­tity proof

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Face­book has started ask­ing users to up­load pic­tures of their faces, in or­der to ac­cess their ac­counts.

It ap­pears to be a new kind of CAPTCHA, and is be­ing used by the so­cial net­work to ver­ify peo­ple’s iden­ti­ties.

Face­book will lock you out of your ac­count if you de­cide not to up­load an im­age or up­load an im­age it con­sid­ers to be “in­valid”, users say.

A screen­shot posted to Twit­ter this week shows a mes­sage read­ing: “Please up­load a photo of your­self that clearly shows your face. We’ll check it and then per­ma­nently delete it from our servers.”

A Face­book spokesper­son told Wired that the new sys­tem is in place to “help us catch sus­pi­cious ac­tiv­ity at var­i­ous points of in­ter­ac­tion on the site, in­clud­ing cre­at­ing an ac­count, send­ing Friend re­quests, set­ting up ads pay­ments, and cre­at­ing or edit­ing ads.”

While the fea­ture doesn’t ap­pear to have reached all users yet, it was first spot­ted by peo­ple in April.

“Face­book won’t let me lo­gin, asks for me to up­load pic­ture of my­self, then says pic­ture is ‘in­valid’”, wrote Red­dit user lostinthe­masses on 7 April. Other peo­ple com­ment­ing on the post said they’d come across the same thing, with sev­eral say­ing Face­book had started forc­ing them to up­load a new pic­ture ev­ery time they tried to lo­gin.

“EVERYTIME I try to log in it ask me for a photo [of] my­self and I have to wait DAYS to get into it. I spent more time wait­ing to be al­lowed to log in then ac­tu­ally in my ac­count,” wrote nwhiteshook.

An­other user, called im­morano, said, “Be­lieve it or not, ev­ery time I log in face­book ask me to up­load a front face im­age of my­self and de­ac­ti­vate my ac­count. 12 hs later they ac­ti­vate it , it goes just fine for half an hour and they de­ac­ti­vate it again and ask me for an­other … pic­ture.”

Ear­lier this month, the site un­veiled an anti- re­venge porn sys­tem that asks users to up­load naked pic­tures of them­selves.

“As part of our con­tin­ued ef­forts to bet­ter de­tect and re­move con­tent that vi­o­lates our com­mu­nity stan­dards, we’re us­ing im­age match­ing tech­nol­ogy to pre­vent non­con­sen­sual in­ti­mate im­ages from be­ing shared on Face­book, In­sta­gram, Face­book Groups and Mes­sen­ger,” said Antigone Davis, Face­book’s head of global safety. THE IN­DE­PEN­DENT

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