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In global terms In­done­sia has demon­strated re­mark­able re­silience over the last decade and in many ways is de­vel­op­ing into a re­gional power, not just be­cause of its size but be­cause of its in­creas­ing at­trac­tive­ness as an in­vest­ment hub.

There are, of course, huge chal­lenges ahead, but as the rapidly grow­ing mid­dle class tes­ti­fies, en­trepreneur­ship, im­proved ac­count­abil­ity and open­ness con­tinue to be the en­gine of change and a con­duit by which peo­ple are given the chance to add both per­sonal wealth and to the de­vel­op­ment of the na­tion.

Due to its sheer ge­o­graph­i­cal scale, In­done­sia is a hugely di­verse coun­try with an in­cred­i­ble ar­ray of dif­fer­ing land­scapes, peo­ple, cul­tures, cuisines and ex­pec­ta­tions. The his­tor­i­cal in­flu­ences, from the in­vaders and traders to the pre and post-colo­nial re­li­gious and cul­tural in­flu­ences, have shaped and con­tinue to shape the na­tion, both its ur­ban and ru­ral pop­u­la­tions. For the older gen­er­a­tion, the coun­try must be un­recog­nis­able, whilst at the same time for their younger peers, es­pe­cially those in its ma­jor cities, it must be im­pos­si­ble to con­sider the dif­fi­cul­ties most of their grand­par­ents en­dured.

Along­side the eco­nomic progress there has also been a move­ment to­wards defin­ing what it means to be In­done­sian, an im­pos­si­ble task some might ar­gue, how­ever a goal that has seen a resur­gence in the tra­di­tional In­done­sian arts, the evo­lu­tion of In­done­sian fine din­ing and a grow­ing as­ser­tion of na­tion­hood that em­braces the coun­try’s va­ri­ety and his­tory.

Per­haps this is what Got­tfried Wil­helm Leib­niz meant in 1677 when he coined the phrase Unity in Di­ver­sity, adopted on in­de­pen­dence by In­done­sia as its motto. The phrase was a de­lib­er­ate oxy­moron on the part of Leib­niz as he looked to ad­vance mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism in Europe, but for the Re­pub­lic of In­done­sia, it pre­cisely cap­tures both the strength and po­ten­tial within and that is some­thing to re­joice in. So, to­gether, let’s Cel­e­brate In­done­sia.

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