“I’m not from the young gen­er­a­tion, but I’m very much in­flu­enced by the new gen­er­a­tion. I’m also on In­sta­gram”

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them: We have the best an­swer for the con­nected peo­ple, but not with a con­nected watch. It’s very nice. Speedy Tues­day was a big suc­cess—even in In­done­sia, by the way. I’m not from the young gen­er­a­tion, but I’m very much in­flu­enced by the new gen­er­a­tion. I’m also on In­sta­gram, I also read my news in the morn­ing on my phone, I also get a lot of info from In­sta­gram in the morn­ing about what’s hap­pen­ing in the world. For them—for the #SpeedyTues­day com­mu­nity—we have a watch that was an an­swer. It re­spected and cel­e­brated the his­tory of the watch in a retro vin­tage style. So, the whole con­cept was right. It cel­e­brates the past but with the means of the fu­ture. DA: Is this an ap­proach that you will em­ploy again in the fu­ture? RA: I think we made his­tory; so, ob­vi­ously we will talk again to all th­ese con­sumers through many more projects. But I want to em­pha­size the fact that it was the per­fect project: It was the right prod­uct, for the right time, for the right peo­ple. I don’t want Speedy Tues­day’s suc­cess to sud­denly be­come a plat­form for only com­mer­cial ac­tiv­ity. If it’s only com­mer­cial, it has no emo­tion. And Speedy Tues­day was very much an emo­tional watch. DA: There has been a lot of talk about new reg­u­la­tions con­cern­ing the “Made in Swiss” la­bel. How will this af­fect Omega? RA: I’m very much in fa­vor of this. There are two rea­sons. First of all, I think it’s one of those things that has so much value. It’s one of those phrases that means a lot to peo­ple. I’ve been trav­el­ing all around the world and when­ever I say “Swiss-made” peo­ple say “watches” and their eyes are smil­ing. So, it’s our duty to con­tinue to do that. Be­cause we’re giv­ing you a watch that is 100-per­cent made in Switzer­land, which con­tin­ues this le­gacy of the past. And it makes it even more cred­i­ble when you then ask for the price of those watches. I think that it’s very good. DA: A lot of peo­ple are also talk­ing about the Mas­ter Chronome­ter watches. Speak­ing of which, why did Omega set the bar so high for this cer­ti­fi­ca­tion? RA: Be­cause it’s Omega! [ Laughs] But if you talk to our friends and all the peo­ple that we have been work­ing with, they’ll say that at Omega, we do 361-de­gree projects. A cir­cle is per­fect, but there’s that one de­gree more that makes it an emo­tional thing. We like to do that. So, why so high? Be­cause we be­lieve only in

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