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As men­tioned ear­lier, the first per­pet­ual cal­en­dar wrist­watch that came out in 1925 was a Patek Philippe. In­ter­est­ingly, the move­ment used in the watch was ac­tu­ally made in 1898, al­beit for a women’s pen­dant watch. The lat­ter re­mained un­sold for quite a while, so the brand put the move­ment—which, by the way, was quite com­pact—in a wrist­watch. The re­sult­ing watch (No. 97 975, case No. 222 033) was sold in Oc­to­ber 1927 to Thomas Emery, an Amer­i­can with an ex­ten­sive Patek Philippe col­lec­tion.

The watch is pow­ered by the Cal­iber 12’’’ move­ment which is put in­side a 34.4mm case in yel­low gold—or vieil or, to be ex­act, which trans­lates to “old gold.” It shows the day, date and month, and—nat­u­rally—takes into ac­count leap years.

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