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The Ma­callan has never failed to im­press when it comes to pre­sent­ing lifechang­ing whiskies. The brand’s Rare Cask vari­ant, how­ever, has set the bar ex­tremely high.

To­day, it’s pretty much com­mon knowl­edge that whisky is aged in wooden casks or bar­rels. What is less com­monly known, how­ever, is that these casks make up 80-per­cent of the whisky’s fla­vor and smell along with 100-per­cent of its color. More im­por­tantly, each in­di­vid­ual cask brings with it its own char­ac­ter, and will even­tu­ally im­bue their own idio­syn­cra­sies into the fi­nal prod­uct. Find­ing Trea­sure So, imag­ine what kind of qual­ity you can bring forth if you could pick the best pos­si­ble casks. This is ex­actly what The Ma­callan does for The Rare Cask.

Out of more than 250 thou­sand bar­rels, only one per­cent make the cut and is used in the ag­ing of the brand’s Rare Cask whiskies. As a mat­ter of fact, these casks are hand­picked di­rectly by Bob Dal­garno, The Ma­callan’s whisky mas­ter.

In the end, a to­tal of 16 dif­fer­ent types of casks com­pris­ing wood taken from dif­fer­ent tree species—from Span­ish to Amer­i­can oak—im­bue their unique char­ac­ters to the Rare Cask Whisky. The Taste of True Lux­ury It needs to be pointed out that the color you see as you hold up a glass of Rare Cask whisky is nat­u­ral. The Ma­callan has long avoided giv­ing their whisky a “fake tan.” Stu­art MacPher­son, The Ma­callan’s mas­ter of wood, points out how this demon­strates “the vi­tal role of our casks in the pro­duc­tion of our brand’s su­perb whiskies.”

As you take a whiff, you will un­doubt­edly feel its silky-soft and sexy aroma from its quiet vanilla and bold raisin notes. On the palate, the spicy mix gives the whisky a solid el­e­gance. From there, the deep sherry takes over, fol­lowed by vanilla and choco­late with a light cit­rus zest, giv­ing the drink a light but warm con­clu­sion.

“The Rare Cask is a cul­mi­na­tion of our knowl­edge, skill, pas­sion, com­mit­ment and cre­ativ­ity,” MacPher­son con­cludes, “show­cas­ing The Ma­callan at its very best.” In other words, don’t drink The Rare Cask be­fore any­thing else; it will be un­fair to al­most any­thing.

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