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Af­ter tak­ing a three year hia­tus, The Script has fi­nally re­leased their lat­est al­bum, “Free­dom Child.” At 14 tracks and 49 min­utes, the al­bum marks a dif­fer­ent ap­proach for the Ir­ish band. How so? For one, they are tak­ing a stance against ter­ror­ism, as il­lus­trated in “Free­dom Child” or “Di­vided States of Amer­ica.” But the con­text of the al­bum is much wider, cov­er­ing eu­pho­ria and heart­break through “Rain” or the EDMin­fused “No Man is an Is­land.” The new al­bum comes off slightly more up­beat, pop and di­verse than their usual soft rock lean­ings. It’s slightly in­con­sis­tent in terms of genre and themes, nor is it as touch­ing as The Script’s pre­vi­ous al­bum, but it is still a good dance al­bum over­all.

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