Da: tyler down is cur­rently your most well-known role. be­fore “13 rea­sons Why,” what would you con­sider your most sig­nif­i­cant role? dd:

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i’m not quite sure. My re­sume of work isn’t the long­est, but ev­ery project i’ve worked on has taught me so much about the work i’m pur­su­ing, and my­self. i think con­rad from my film “louder than bombs” is one of my fa­vorites. he’s some­one i re­ally got to pull from my­self and make my own.

No, be­cause that’s when it no longer be­comes en­joy­able. i make movies be­cause i love mak­ing art and telling sto­ries. i don’t love get­ting up early to go to work. the day i no longer en­joy act­ing is the day i quit. i don’t see that hap­pen­ing any­time soon. i love it with all my heart and i’m so lucky to do what i do. wanted to do and so, i put my nose to the grind­stone and loved ev­ery minute. i prob­a­bly would re-do it and have that talk from the be­gin­ning.

My long term goals are re­ally to cre­ate art that touches peo­ples’ hearts and con­nects with them.

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