Da: First and fore­most, the sec­ond sea­son of “Stranger things” is set to start air­ing in late Oc­to­ber. How ex­cited are you right now? Da:

DA MAN - - Wheels -

of course i’m ex­cited. a lit­tle ner­vous but i think it’s go­ing to be great and i’m just ex­cited for the fans to fi­nally be able to see it.

i think one of the main fac­tors are the char­ac­ters. They’re so well writ­ten that ev­ery­one is able to find a char­ac­ter that they can per­son­ally re­late to. They’re out­siders look­ing for pur­pose and that makes them so hu­man.

i play Sam guthrie aka Can­non­ball. Sam is a work­ing class boy from ken­tucky and as we know from the comics, he is able to pro­pel him­self at the speed of sound en­cased in an im­pen­e­tra­ble force field. in our story, how­ever, we’re meet­ing Sam as he’s just get­ting to un­der­stand these pow­ers. He’s fear­ful of them and their de­struc­tive qual­ity.

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