Da: if we could go back to the start for a bit, did you have any mis­giv­ings about play­ing lu­cifer? and what was it that drew you to the role? te:

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i didn’t have any mis­giv­ings about play­ing him. i tried to take the weight off of the whole “devil” thing and just re­ally look at the char­ac­ter on the page— and what i saw was a very com­pli­cated but fun man to play. i guess what re­ally drew me to the role was the op­por­tu­nity to play a char­ac­ter where there was both drama, com­edy and ac­tion rolled into one. it made me laugh more than any script i read that pi­lot sea­son.

as i said when the ini­tial back­lash against “Lu­cifer” hap­pened, i think it’s silly to judge some­thing be­fore watch­ing it, and i think that mind­set sug­gests more about those peo­ple than it does about the show. For me, this show is the ul­ti­mate re­demp­tion story. it’s es­sen­tially about the most irre­deemable char­ac­ter in his­tory try­ing to find his own hu­man­ity—and i think that’s a story worth telling.

i did a play three and a half years ago and it re­minded me how much i love the the­atre. Since then, i’ve been re­ally crav­ing more of that. i see the­atre as re­hab for act­ing; you re­turn to the ba­sics and re­mem­ber why you fell in love with act­ing in the first place. So, i re­ally hope to do more of that soon. i would also love to do more fea­ture film work. But mainly va­ri­ety is what i have al­ways craved as an ac­tor.

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