Da: if we could go back again for a bit, what would you con­sider your break­out role? the one that re­ally put you on the map, so to speak... te:

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in the u.k. it was def­i­nitely “Mi­randa.” Be­ing on that show changed all of our lives in a way none of us an­tic­i­pated. But out­side of the u.k. my big break, so to speak, was the u.S. show “rush. it was a great part, and i’ll al­ways be sad that it didn’t go longer. But i def­i­nitely be­lieve that show paved the way to “Lu­cifer.” that so much of it is out of your hands when it comes to cast­ing. But i hon­estly be­lieve that the most you can do as an ac­tor is work as hard as you can on the ma­te­rial that you have to get the jobs. it’s not about net­work­ing, it’s about prepa­ra­tion and in­vest­ment. you get out of it what you put in to it. com­ing to au­di­tion in amer­ica made me re­al­ize just how in­tense the level of com­pe­ti­tion is, so why not do the ab­so­lute most you can do?

Most peo­ple who know me know that i’m pretty tol­er­ant, and i am gen­er­ally good at ig­nor­ing rude peo­ple. how­ever, the elec­tion of Don­ald Trump has changed all that. glob­ally, i don’t think it’s in any­one’s in­ter­est to ig­nore the dan­ger and care­less­ness that he has brought to the world. he’s a bully, and that is some­thing that i can­not tol­er­ate in life, full stop.

Bad driv­ers, driv­ers who text and drive. Which is most peo­ple in Los an­ge­les, un­for­tu­nately.

Spend­ing time with my chil­dren. They make me laugh from a place that no other per­son has made me laugh from. and also my fi­ancé, Meaghan. and beer.

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