Da: in your opin­ion, what does it take for an ac­tor to suc­ceed in this day and age? and on a re­lated note, what do you be­lieve is the key to your suc­cess? te:

DA MAN - - Wheels -

First of all, it takes a lot of luck. The more i’ve worked, the more i’ve re­al­ized

The only rea­son i got on so­cial me­dia was be­cause i was in my line of work. it’s not some­thing that comes nat­u­rally to me or some­thing i would have done oth­er­wise. But it has turned out to be a great way to in­ter­act with fans. i do, how­ever, think peo­ple care far too much about so­cial me­dia.

i care most about what my chil­dren re­mem­ber about me. i want to be some­one who in­spires them to be kind, lov­ing and to pur­sue their dreams.

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