Spe­cial Cu­vée

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With a golden colour, dis­tinc­tive of black grape va­ri­eties and traces of very fine bub­bles, the Bollinger Spe­cial Cu­vée per­me­ates a beau­ti­ful aro­matic com­plex­ity of ripe fruit and spicy aro­mas, hints of roasted ap­ples, ap­ple com­pote and peaches.

This so­phis­ti­cated bub­bly of­fers a sub­tle com­bi­na­tion of struc­ture, length and vi­vac­ity, bub­bles like vel­vet, pear, brioche and spicy aro­mas with notes of fresh wal­nut. Given its fresh prop­erty, the Bollinger Spe­cial Cu­vée is good to go with any fish, es­pe­cially sushi and sashimi, as well as poul­try, white meat, parme­san or good cured ham. To en­hance its unique style, bou­quet and aro­mas, Spe­cial Cu­vée is best served be­tween 10 and 12˚C.

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