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Sil­very lu­tung

Adult sil­vered leaf mon­keys have dark grey fur that shines a shim­mery sil­ver in day­light, while the young (be­low three months) sport bright or­ange coats. They travel in groups and can be found munch­ing on leaves and fruits within tree brunches. Gu­nung Bin­tan Be­sar

Stork-billed King­fisher

Watch­ing a stork-billed king­fisher take flight is a sight to be­hold. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for its cack­ling call, bright red beak and its vi­brant plumage of green, blue and yel­low. Man­grove forests

Hawks­bill sea tur­tle

Known for their colour­ful cara­pace and bird-like beak, the crit­i­cally en­dan­gered species in­habit the trop­i­cal re­gions of the At­lantic, Pa­cific and In­dian Oceans. The bustling co­ral reefs around Bin­tan, of which they feed on, at­tract them to nest upon its beaches twice a year. New­born tur­tles are re­leased be­tween May and June by con­ser­va­tion teams. Tur­tle hatch­eries at Nir­wana Gar­dens, Angsana Bin­tan and Clud Med Bin­tan Is­land

Giant clam

Spot a co­ral reef and, chances are, a fam­ily of giant clams is nearby. Re­splen­dent in the sun­light’s re­frac­tion, it makes for a stun­ning un­der­wa­ter por­trait. It is also known to prop­a­gate and main­tain co­ral reefs. Ma­pur Is­land, Nikoi Is­land and Sandy Bay

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