Pan-fried veni­son with pump­kin puree


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For those liv­ing in Asia, veni­son is con­sid­ered a rare treat, of­ten re­stricted to high-end spe­cialty gro­cers, fine-din­ing venues and gourmet restau­rants. Orig­i­nally mean­ing the meat of any game an­i­mal killed by hunt­ing, mod­ern day veni­son is widely ac­cepted as the meat of a deer. In me­dieval times, veni­son was con­sid­ered meat for roy­als, with hunt­ing rights re­stricted in ar­eas re­served only for mem­bers of the no­bil­ity. Veni­son is very much like beef in its typ­i­cal cook­ing meth­ods. Usu­ally served as steaks, veni­son is equally pop­u­lar as pot roasts, sausages, stews and even burg­ers. Its flavour is sim­i­lar to beef, though it is richer and much more gamy.

With the rise of live­stock farm­ing, veni­son meat has lost some of its ex­clu­siv­ity in the mod­ern era since live­stock meat is eas­ier to ob­tain and cheaper. Con­sumer in­ter­est in veni­son has risen in re­cent years as it is con­sid­ered a healthy meat, an al­ter­na­tive to fac­tory-farmed live­stock. Since wild deer live freely in na­ture, veni­son meat is leaner than grain-fed beef or lamb and free from ar­ti­fi­cial hor­mones. For en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious in­di­vid­u­als, veni­son meat is also con­sid­ered a low-im­pact food.

At Sari Pan Pa­cific Ho­tel’s Restoran Fi­esta, Chef Eno Su­ratno per­son­ally pre­pares his spe­cialty pan-fried veni­son with pump­kin puree for din­ers. Chef Eno’s 20 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the kitchen is ev­i­dent in his fuss-free ap­proach to the steak to let din­ers en­joy the unique flavour profile of the veni­son – sweet, lus­cious and deca­dent. Served sim­ply with lightly seared foie gras, re­duced brown sauce and sea­sonal veg­eta­bles, the dish is exquisitely ex­e­cuted.

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