Bur­rata Tortelli

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Pasta dough

• 200g hard flour

• 25g semolina

• 200g egg yolk

Broc­coli cream

• 500g broc­coli

• 20g onion

• 1 gar­lic

• 100ml broc­coli stock

• 1 tin an­chovies

Lemon con­fit

• 2 lemons

• lemon juice

• sugar

Ca­cio­cav­allo cream

• 100g Ca­cio­cav­allo cheese

• 25g cook­ing cream

Bur­rata fill­ing

• 230g bur­rata cheese

• 20g parme­san cheese

• salt and pep­per

Mar­i­nated an­chovy

• 500g an­chovy

• 1 gar­lic clove

• 2 lemons

• pars­ley

• 2tbsp white wine vine­gar

• 20g Tag­giasca olives



1. Start with the pasta dough by mix­ing all the in­gre­di­ents slowly. Rest the dough for one hour.

2. Once rested, run the dough through a pasta roller on pro­gres­sively thin­ner set­tings un­til you have a sheet of pa­perthin pasta.

3. Cut the sheet into rounds us­ing a round cut­ter, spac­ing the rounds as close to­gether as pos­si­ble.

4. Place one tea­spoon of fill­ing in the mid­dle of each round of pasta. Brush with wa­ter along the edge of the round to moisten.

5. Fold the dough over to form a half moon, then draw the two cor­ners to­gether to form a rounded bon­net-shape. Press tightly to seal. Toss with flour, set aside on a well-floured bak­ing sheet and cover.

Ca­cio­cav­allo Cream

1. Melt the ca­cio­cav­allo cheese with the cook­ing cream in a bain marie for a few min­utes and set aside

Broc­coli cream

1. Cut the broc­coli into small tips. Blanche it. 2. Sauté the onion with gar­lic and an­chovy un­til caramelised. Add the blanched broc­coli with some stock and leave to cool. 3. Blend ev­ery­thing smoothly. Add salt and

pep­per and olive oil to taste.

Mar­i­nated An­chovy

1. Clean, wash and debone the fish.

2. Blend all the in­gre­di­ents and mar­i­nate the an­chovy for five to six hours (de­pend­ing on size).

Lemon Con­fit

1. Cut one lemon into wedges (take out the

pulp and keep only the zest).

2. Squeeze the other lemon, sauté the zest in a pan with olive oil; add salt and sugar, lemon juice, and cook slowly un­til it is con­fit.

Plat­ing & pre­sen­ta­tion

1. Boil wa­ter and add some salt. Cook the tortelli in the salty boil­ing wa­ter.

2. Place on top of the broc­coli cream, brushed in a cir­cle on a plate.

3. Gar­nish with lemon com­fit, broc­coli and mi­cro herbs.

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