Seafood Risot to

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• 250g carnaroli rice

• 1,200ml fish stock*

• 20g spring onions

• 80ml Prosecco

• 70g ex­tra vir­gin olive oil

• 400g lob­ster

• 150g as­para­gus

• 16g queen scal­lops

• 160g tiger prawns

• 2g fen­nel seed pow­der

• 3g lemon zest

• 5g dill

• 10g chives

• 10g pars­ley

• 5g squid ink

• Salt and pep­per to taste

Fish Stock In­gre­di­ents

• 150g sea bass bones

• 300g lob­ster shell

• 200g prawn shells

• 50g fen­nel

• 40g cel­ery

• 140g ripe toma­toes

• 50g car­rots

• 50g onions

• 20g gar­lic

• 2,400ml wa­ter


Fish Stock

1. Chop all veg­eta­bles and place in pan with rest of in­gre­di­ents.

2. Boil un­til wa­ter has re­duced by half.

3. Strain liq­uid and set aside for use when cook­ing risotto.


1. Put olive oil and onions in a pan, add rice and toast for 2 min­utes.

2. Add half Prosecco and al­low evap­o­rate.

3. Once evap­o­rated, add stock one la­dle at a time and cook for about 12 min­utes.

4. Add thinly pre-sliced as­para­gus to risotto.

5. Cut all seafood into cubes.

6. In an­other pan, sauté seafood with gar­lic. Add re­main­ing Prosecco, lemon zest and pinch of fen­nel seed pow­der. Set aside.

7. When risotto is al­most ready, add seafood and cook for an­other 3 min­utes.

8. Re­move pot from heat, add fresh herbs, re­main­ing ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, salt and pep­per to taste.



• Us­ing lob­ster bisque in­stead of the stock can en­hance the seafood flavour.

• A dry Pinot Gri­gio pairs well with this dish.

• Adding a pinch of saffron gives a new di­men­sion to this great recipe.

• Left­over rice can be made into arancini – just shape rice into balls, add bread­crumbs and deep-fry.

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