Four Chil­dren in Medan Hos­pi­tal­ized After Bizarre Taxi Ac­ci­dent


Four chil­dren in Medan’s Maimun district have been hos­pi­tal­ized after they were run over by a taxi driver in a bizarre in­ci­dent on April 28.

Michael Juan Si­tang­gang, Ak­bar Pratama Arif and Ak­bar Sahni, all 11 years old, and 12-year-old Tio Ma­likul Mulki were all in­jured after they were run over by the taxi as they lay on the road.

The in­ci­dent oc­curred after the driver, iden­ti­fied as 43-yearold Muham­mad Fadoli, drove down a slope on Jalan Mul­tat­uli Lingkun­gan 3, Medan Maimun. Fadoli said the road was dark and he strug­gled to see clearly. The vic­tims were rushed to Martha Friska Hos­pi­tal in Mul­tat­uli In­dah Res­i­dence. Mulki suf­fered a frac­tured shoul­der, bruises to his face and had ten stitches to the back of his head. Si­tang­gang re­ceived 16 stitches to the back of his head and sus­tained wounds to his right shoul­der.

Arif suf­fered sev­eral in­juries to his right shoul­der, right thigh, right hip and his left arm. Sahni sus­tained se­vere in­juries to his back and right shoul­der. Fadoli has been de­tained at Medan's Traf­fic Ac­ci­dent Unit of­fice as in­ves­ti­ga­tions con­tinue.

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