Lay­ing Out the Cards

San­di­aga Uno, the vice-gov­er­nor can­di­date for Jakarta, talks about qual­i­ties of a leader and planned changes for the city. Edith Emer­alda writes

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nown as a dy­namic and suc­cess­ful young en­tre­pre­neur, San­di­aga Uno is now on a po­lit­i­cal stage in which in­ter­est­ing dif­fer­ences between the two oft-in­ter­twin­ing branches are ap­par­ent. “In busi­ness, we have to keep prom­ises and ev­ery­thing is about loy­alty to re­duce un­cer­tainty,” said San­di­aga. “In pol­i­tics, it’s quite a chal­lenge to keep prom­ises and there’s al­most no loy­alty in a game of un­cer­tainty— the more uncer­tain a con­di­tion is, the harder politi­cians work.”

How­ever, San­di­aga promised to be the best leader for Jakarta fol­low­ing three cri­te­ria— the first be­ing hon­esty, au­then­tic­ity and not be­ing pre­ten­tious in any gov­er­nance as­pects. Fair­ness in ad­dress­ing in­equal­ity and dis­par­ity is also im­por­tant. “The lower class have started to ques­tion chances for up­ward mo­bil­ity,” said San­di­aga, “The SMES [small- to medium-sized en­ter­prises] are fac­ing dif­fi­cul­ties such as in get­ting per­mits, hu­man re­sources and, lately, un­fair­ness in fi­nan­cial ser­vices.”

Anies Baswedan, the gov­er­nor can­di­date, and San­di­aga have pre­pared a pro­gramme called “Oke Oce”, which means one en­tre­pre­neur­ial train­ing cen­tre in one sub­dis­trict to boost the econ­omy and re­duce in­equal­ity by push­ing for­ward SMES and en­trepreneur­ship. “Young peo­ple nowa­days have a lot of ideas but no means to ex­pand their po­ten­tials,” said San­di­aga. “This is why the ‘Oke Oce’ pro­gramme will serve as a cen­tre of growth and place of job cre­ation.”

This leads to a leader who can re­late to all lay­ers in the so­ci­ety and be a bridge in between. “Our re­search shows that 87.8 per cent of Jakar­tans wishes for a leader who is present in their midst, cares about what they’re go­ing through and can em­pha­tize,” San­di­aga said. “A leader has to be fair in ex­e­cut­ing poli­cies and ca­pa­ble to de­liver the prom­ises by be­ing close to the peo­ple.”

About the traf­fic is­sue, San­di­aga said that, “It’s all about in­fra­struc­ture, for which we’ll con­tinue on­go­ing plans and ac­cel­er­ate the build­ing of more mass pub­lic transportation sys­tems,” San­di­aga said. “This is not ‘busi­ness as usual’, but an emer­gency.” He’d like to en­sure that the mass transportation sys­tem— from MRT, LRT and on to Tran­s­jakarta—is all in­te­grated down to the ad­min­is­tra­tive vil­lages.

San­di­aga con­tin­ued to say that the soft in­fra­struc­ture, or the peo­ple’s mind­set, also needs to be built. Al­though ef­fec­tive transportation sys­tems may not be ready yet, the mid­dle- to up­per-class seg­ment of so­ci­ety needs to start us­ing pub­lic transportation slowly and surely—him in­cluded. “Lead­ers need to be the ex­am­ple so the pub­lic will fol­low suit,” said San­di­aga. If suc­cess­ful, this work would be di­vided between San­di­aga, to make sure the hard in­fra­struc­ture runs well, and Anies—in charge of the soft in­fra­struc­ture with his back­ground in ed­u­ca­tion.

Brav­ing the change into po­lit­i­cal play and stay­ing op­ti­mistic about it is not enough to unite the city with­out strong work ethics and lead­er­ship char­ac­ter­is­tics. “My work ethic is work­ing hard, work­ing smart, work­ing thor­oughly and work­ing sin­cerely,” said San­di­aga, “These work ethics—with Pan­casila as the guide through the di­ver­sity—will cre­ate op­ti­mistic and ra­tio­nal young In­done­sian en­trepreneurs to de­velop the coun­try well.”

Em­pa­thy is also im­por­tant for a leader as shown in com­fort­ing words and prob­lem­solv­ing ac­tions. San­di­aga de­clared that he doesn’t in­tend to seek power or po­si­tion; all the pay and sup­port he’d be re­ceiv­ing, should the Anies- San­di­aga pair were trusted to lead, would be given back to the poor and or­phans. “I’ve been blessed with abun­dance,” San­di­aga said. “This is how I con­trib­ute back to the so­ci­ety and na­tion.”

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