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Apr-oct is dry sea­son, mid Oct-mar is wet sea­son The Bali sea­son is Jul-sep and Aug is party time cen­tral, you’ll def­i­nitely need your Pucci kaftan Denpasar air­port op­er­ates a US$35, 30-day visaon-ar­rival sys­tem, payable in multi-cur­rency; the queues in peak sea­son beg­gar be­lief but there are ways around it (see Very Use­ful/bali Fast Track) Denpasar air­port to Seminyak – 30-45 mins / US$1015 by cab (you must buy a coupon in ad­vance), but most ho­tels and vil­las in­clude air­port trans­fers Hire a car and a driver (see V. Use­ful) – cheap as chips and avoids self-drive ac­ci­dents/faff with the cops Give your driver a small float – slip­ping 20 ru­pi­ahs here and there to le­gal park­ing hawk­ers is nor­mal If you stay overnight any­where, driv­ers are usu­ally happy to stay in a home­s­tay. Your villa will or­gan­ise The cur­rency is ru­piah, and there are plenty of ATMS Most places take credit cards but add a 3% ser­vice charge, but small warungs and cafes are cash only Most restos and bars are air con-free and open air Bali can run dry, and you should avoid buy­ing ‘lo­cal’ liquor so max out on duty free Avoid the Kuta area like you would a bout of cholera On ar­rival at your villa the staff will need your pass­port to reg­is­ter you with po­lice. This is rou­tine Beach/pool eti­quette – for gals, dis­creet baps-out is fine but keep fluffy firmly in her hutch; guys, keep your sch­long safely in your sarong Tem­ples and cer­e­monies – you MUST wear a sarong and sash (avail. at tem­ples), you can­not sim­ply wear a macramé unikini and a dab of No.5, how­ever chic Read up on Ba­li­nese cus­toms and be­liefs to avoid enor­mous of­fence. Some cer­e­monies and sa­cred places ad­mit women at spe­cific times only The coun­try code is +62, all land­lines start with 0361 un­less oth­er­wise stated. Mo­biles start with 08 Int’l op­er­a­tor 101, po­lice 110, fire 113, am­bu­lance 118, IDD 001 The fol­low­ing Ba­li­nese phrases will come in handy...

Apa kabar? : How are you? Ter­ima kasih : Ta, very much Villa saya lebih be­sar dari punya anda : My villa’s big­ger than yours ...’kay, let’s party

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