The Jour­ney to Sim­plic­ity

Think­ing small

Activated - - FRONT PAGE - By Amanda White Amanda White is an of­fice ad­min­is­tra­tor in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia.

The other day I was lis­ten­ing to a Chris­tian ra­dio pro­gram on the way to the gym. Each day they ask a ques­tion for their lis­ten­ers to re­spond to, ei­ther via phone or their Face­book page, and the topic that day was: “What do you look for­ward to?”

The an­swers that lis­ten­ers were send­ing in were sim­ple, yet re­fresh­ing. For ex­am­ple, one woman said she looked for­ward to hav­ing a cup of tea at night once her chil­dren were in bed.

It got me think­ing about the sim­ple things in life. Essen­tially, that’s what we all gen­er­ally look for­ward to—the lit­tle things. A hug af­ter a long day. A cup of some­thing hot in the morn­ing. The sun shin­ing again af­ter a rainy patch, en­abling us to fi­nally hang our laun­dry. A com­fort­able bed to slide into at night. A re­fresh­ing shower. A freshly mowed lawn. A meal out.

I like to see th­ese small things as be­ing as much a part of God’s love for me as the big­ger gifts He some­times sends my way. As Robert Louis Steven­son put it: “The best things in life are near­est: breath in your nos­trils, light in your eyes, flow­ers at your feet, du­ties at your hand, the path of right just be­fore you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life’s plain, com­mon work as it comes, cer­tain that daily du­ties and daily bread are the sweet­est things in life.”

Sure, some­times we look for­ward to big and ex­cit­ing things, like an up­com­ing va­ca­tion. But more of­ten than not, it’s the sim­ple day-to-day things that bring us joy and put a smile on our face. I’m re­mind­ing my­self that I need to think more about those things, ap­pre­ci­ate them more, as they get so eas­ily lost amidst the crazi­ness of life. It’s not a new re­al­iza­tion by any means. It’s just one of those prin­ci­ples of life and hap­pi­ness that eas­ily fade out of fo­cus when so many big­ger and more stress­ful things are ob­struct­ing my view or weigh­ing me down.

I de­cided to start small. I took that woman’s ad­vice on the ra­dio. I set aside a few min­utes to re­lax with a cup of tea that night af­ter the kids were in bed, and I en­joyed ev­ery sip!

I’m on a jour­ney to find sim­plic­ity in my spir­i­tual walk as well. The sim­ple things in life make me happy. Per­haps my sim­ple things will make God happy too?

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