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“When my heart is over­whelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” “The Lord is my fortress; my

1 God is the mighty rock where I hide.”

2 If you feel over­whelmed, climb up on the Rock. You have Me, the Rock, and you can rest in My abil­ity to keep you through any­thing that threat­ens to over­whelm you. When you feel weak be­cause of your cares and bur­dens, when you feel de­pres­sion threaten to blacken your thoughts and hang a feel­ing of de­spair over you, you can climb up on the Rock and rest in My grace.

Times in your life may some­times be con­fus­ing. There may be oc­ca­sions when you are tossed to and fro and you feel un­cer­tain, not know­ing what the fu­ture holds and not know­ing which way to go. It is only nat­u­ral to feel fear in these mo­ments.

You are like My dis­ci­ples in the boat when the waves roared and the storm raged, and they cried out, “Master! Help us! We will per­ish!” They thought they would die

3 be­cause the storm was so great. You may feel that the tur­bu­lence of your emo­tions and your life are too much. But re­mem­ber that I am the Lord of your ves­sel. I can calm the seas. I can keep you through any storm, no mat­ter how long it lasts. Wait on Me. I will never leave you nor for­sake you; I will be the help and the strength

4 that you need in the midst of this tur­bu­lence. Hold on to My Word, be­lieve Me through the storm, know that I have never aban­doned you and will never aban­don you, and I can cause all things to work to­gether for good.

Look for the light at the end of the tun­nel. Rest in Me and you will find strength that you know not of.

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