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MANY OF GOD’S PROM­ISES ARE CON­DI­TIONAL, re­quir­ing some ini­tial ac­tion on our part. Once we be­gin to obey, He will be­gin to bless us. Great things were promised to Abra­ham, but not one of them could have been ob­tained had he waited in Chaldea. He had to leave his home, friends, and coun­try, travel un­fa­mil­iar paths, and press on in un­wa­ver­ing obedience in or­der to re­ceive the prom­ises. The ten lep­ers Je­sus healed were told to show them­selves to the priest, and “as they went, they were cleansed.” If they had waited to see the cleans­ing come to their bod­ies be­fore leav­ing, they would never have seen it. God was wait­ing to heal them, and the mo­ment their faith be­gan to work, the bless­ing came.

When the Is­raelites were en­trapped by Pharaoh’s pur­su­ing army at the Red Sea, they were com­manded to “go for­ward.” No longer was it their duty to wait, but to rise up from bended knees and “go for­ward” with heroic faith. Years later the Is­raelites were com­manded to show their faith again by be­gin­ning their march over the Jor­dan while the river was at its high­est point. They held the key to un­lock the gate into the Land of Prom­ise in their own hands, and the gate would not be­gin to turn on its hinges un­til they had ap­proached and un­locked it. The key was faith.

We are des­tined to fight cer­tain bat­tles, and we think we can never be vic­to­ri­ous and con­quer our en­e­mies. Yet as we en­ter the con­flict, One comes who fights by our side. Through Him we are “more than con­querors.” If we had waited in fear and trem­bling for our helper to come be­fore we would en­ter the bat­tle, we would have waited in vain. God is wait­ing to pour out His rich­est bless­ings on you. “Go for­ward” with bold con­fi­dence and take what is yours. “I have be­gun to de­liver ... Now be­gin to con­quer and possess.”

— J. R. Miller (1840–1912)

A lit­tle more per­sis­tence, a lit­tle more ef­fort, and what seemed hope­less fail­ure may turn into glo­ri­ous suc­cess.— El­bert Hubbard (1856–1915)

Faith that goes for­ward tri­umphs.— Au­thor un­known

Leave not the busi­ness of to­day to be done tomorrow; for who knows what may be your con­di­tion tomorrow? The rose-gar­den, which to­day is full of flow­ers, when tomorrow you would pluck a rose, may not af­ford you one.— Fir­dausī (940–1020)

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